Monday, January 30, 2006

Disco Mermaids?

What in the world is a Disco Mermaid? And why would we choose that for our moniker? Hold on tight because you’re about to find out.

Over the next two days we’ll post photos taken at the past two SCBWI National Conferences. Be forewarned, these pictures should not be viewed by those with weak hearts, bad backs, tennis elbow, a fear of shiny objects, or of mermaids with facial hair.

On Friday, we’ll post the first of a semi-regular feature called Fondue Fridays. One topic. Three Disco Mermaids. And a Lazy-Susan with a laptop.

First topic: Gettin' Jiggy at SCBWI

Fondue Fridays
- where everyone dips in, and everything comes up cheesy -

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