Monday, December 03, 2007

Big Love in Big Sur

Before we begin this post, we'd like to settle something once and for all. No, the Disco Mermaids are not connected at the hips. Occasionally, we do attend writing events solo. For example, just this past weekend, Eve attended the Big Sur Children's Writing Workshop about two hours away all by herself. So there!

And now...onto the post:

After being away from Eve for much more than 24 hours, Robin and Jay started to feel tugs on their metaphorical Mermaid-umbilical cords. So, prompted by a strange urge, they hopped in a car and headed north on Highway 1.

"Hmm... Isn't this near Big Sur?"

Sure enough, they found themselves outside a dining hall, where faculty and students of the B.S.C.W.W. were eating dinner. The duo just happened to be carrying a vase of roses addressed to Eve, which Robin asked a waiter to secretly deliver while she and Jay watched from outside.

"I see her! And she looks totally confused."

The plan was to leave Eve baffled for several minutes, then sneak up behind her and catch her look-o-surprise on camera to share with all of you. Unfortunately, the clueless waiter (who we'll refer to as Thomas) told her the flowers were from a girl standing outside named Robin. When Eve stood up, Jay and Robin took off running. But Jay was too close to the window when Eve reached the lobby...and she caught him mid-stride.

[Since Eve wasn't camera-ready, this is only a dramatization of what she saw.]

So Robin and Jay came inside where it was warm. A bewildered Laura Rennert, agent to both Eve and Jay (Robin feels the need to have her own agent), commented on the unusual relationship of the Mermaids.

[With a 2/3 majority, Laura was voted our favorite literary agent.]

Eve introduced Robin and Jay to the amazing faculty, made up of authors, agents, and editors. Of course, we just had to get a photo with our favorite Little, Brown editor.

[Alvina Ling, as you know, is also a Blue Rose Girl.]

As with all good things, the visit came to an end. Robin and Jay needed to drive home before they got too sleepy (or their spouses got too worried). And Eve had revisions to work on before the next day's critiques.

"I'll be home soon. Miss me!"


lkmadigan said...

You guys are so cute.

Debby Garfinkle said...

You're nuts.

Jay, the picture of you on the log is probably your best one of recent years. You look good with your hair grown out (all over your body).

It was fun seeing you crazy people.

cynjay said...

So are you all going to come visit me at Asilomar in February? I like Gerbera Daisies.

Colorado Writer said...

I agree with Debbie, Jay. You should leave your hair longer. It's a good look.

And if any of you are coming to the SCBWI in NY, you already know I like Hostess Snoballs.

Anonymous said...

This post was laugh-out-loud funny, especially since I could picture the entire thing, clueless waiter included! Lamy

Disco Mermaids said...

Still laughing out loud at all your antics!! It was the highlight of the conference, for sure.

I feel so loved. Or stalked. Or something.


alvina said...

It was such a great surprise to see you guys! And thanks for zooming in on that photo...for some reason, close up, I don't look so darn short next to y'all.

jennie said...

FYI: Eve does not eat bacon.

This is contrary to what Jay told me, The Roommate, at Big Sur.

When I giddily delivered Eve a heaping plate of steaming bacon, she pushed back her chair a bit.

Aside from that, and from our narrow escape of carbon monoxide poisoning, I loved sharing stories and mango licorice with you.

We'll talk about our writing some other time...

I called the Lodge to send you happy thoughts, but you've checked out. Hope that means your work is done!

Thank you for giving me Jay's fabulous story. What a mind! Fun meeting him and Robin. Blessings to them both.

And to you, the belle of the Big Sur conference. You're beautiful, and I'm not the only one who thinks so.

-Jennie Englund

Rita said...

Um, that is the most hilarious story ever.