Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day -- Robin

A very happy Valentine's to:

Jayson- for helping me become who I want to be and being the best father in the world.

Mom and Dad- for being my number one fans since, well, forever.

My writing critique group- for being supportive, encouraging and, of course, painfully honest. Thank you.

SCBWI - for creating a safe place to fall and a place to get answers.

Louis Sachar - for writing Sideways Stories from Wayside School...my inspiration.

Paula Danziger - for writing The Cat Ate My Gymsuit, and just being hilarious.

Gordon Korman - for making me laugh and making me spill my brownies

David Diaz - for making the national conferences very enlightening

Eve and Jay - for being the funniest people I know; for making me smile every time I see you; for reading all 23 versions of the same story and still acting like there's something interesting to read; for just plain "getting me" when other people don't and for being the best looking Democratic mermaids ever.

- Robin

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Anonymous said...

Great list, GF...I love you man!
Happy V-Day Week,