Sunday, August 19, 2007

Found it! -- Robin

I found my missing notebook! Thanks to all of the good vibes you all sent my way, I found my notebook sitting upside down and crammed into a corner behind my closet door…right where I put it!


Now I can go back to the business of working on my novel without using any more excuses, like, “My notebook’s missing! Waaahh!

The thing is, I came up with many more excuses this week not to write:
  • This chair is too uncomfortable
  • The fluorescent lighting is making my brain blink out
  • Is this decaf?
  • How did the dog get out…again!?
  • Mmmm…chips and dip
  • The Internet
  • Must…watch…Daily Show

Now all I need is a new chair, a lamp, a latte, a dog leash, a diet, no internet access, and no more political shenanigans…and this book is done!!

- Robin


Disco Mermaids said...

Yay, Robin!

I think it's DiscoMermaid Retreat time again. I got nothin' done this week either. Looks like we're going to have to check into that Santa Barbara hotel room again and lock ourselves in until we're done with the crappy-draft stage. Anyone with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller??

Yes, it's 1:18am and I'm still up. Writer's block insomnia.

Glad you found your notebook!


Lisa Yee said...

So glad you found it. I know what it's like not to be able to write until you find your missing whatever, or to be blocked until you have a certain FILL IN THIS SPOT.

One time I couldn't write until I had a sock monkey. I know it sounds weird now, but I swear the lack of a sock monkey shut me down.

Colorado Writer said...

Yay for finding your notebook.

I'm in the crappy-draft stage, too. Lots of dreaming about my book, but not a lot of words on paper.

what'sinyoursoul said...

Yay, glad you found your notebook! I have to find a new one - starting a new manuscript, need to quit polluting notebook #1 with ideas for book #2...

I think the Disco Mermaids could hold their own retreat. I would totally come. How about in Seattle? ;)


Steph said...

So, when you got your notebook back were you like, "oh! look at all of these fabulous ideas in here!" or were you like me- you just THINK that the notebook has fabulous ideas in it- what you REALLY need to find is that scrap of paper with the ideas on it...hmmm, now where is that piece of paper??

Anonymous said...

Sweet! You're back in the saddle or on the wagon or something, right? And I was all ready to blame that person Evie always blames when she can't find her earrings or other important things (ask her, she'll tell you about it). From now on, merely write yourself a yellow sticky note when you separate from your notebook. I know, I know, "where do I put the sticky note where I'll remember it?" That you'll have to figure out yourself. Lamy

Rita said...


My computer was down this week, and, ayyy. (I had the files backed up, but no useful way to open them.)

But now we're all fixed, ready to work, and oh, yeah! My SCBWI-LA pics are up! You guys are all over them.


(Didn't you guys say you had pics of me, too? Will you email them to me? Should I be scared?)

Natalie said...

So glad you found your notebook, Robin! Now you're left with only 14 reasons not to about I bring you a latte, then you can write a book about the remaining 13 reasons why you don't write. Wait--did someone already write that? Was it Eve? ;-)

gail said...

Yah!! Glad you found your notebook. I know the feeling. I had mine stolen, along with my computer and mss, once! Man, when the notes turned up was I relieved.

Now get back to work! :)

Disco Mermaids said...

It's funny when you look back on notes you wrote a while ago (which were brilliant at the time) and then you look at them again and think, "Huh?"

I think we all need a retreat in Seattle with an abundance of sock monkeys and lattes. Writing heaven...

:-) Robin

what'sinyoursoul said...

Now that would rock. I can provide lattes. Not so sure about the sock monkeys, but maybe Lisa and Jay could bring some.