Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mermaids & Faeries: Together at Last

Reason #13 to start a blog: Befriend other bloggers

Ever since we stumbled upon Grow Wings, Laini Taylor’s blog, we’ve been huge fans. She just seemed so cool. But we were a little nervous about meeting her and her artist husband, Jim Di Bartolo, at the SCBWI national conference a few weeks ago. Cuz what if they weren’t that cool in person? Well, guess what. They were!

At the conference, they mentioned they were gonna be in our area for a wedding, and wondered if we’d like to meet up. So last week, that’s what we did. We met them in our local Barnes & Noble so they could sign several copies of Faeries of Dreamdark: Blackbringer (which, we just checked, proceeded to fly off the shelves). Then we went out to dinner. Not only did we chow on some healthy Big Sky cuisine, the Taylor-Di Bartolos handed out gifts. Eve and Robin each received very appropriate Laini’s Ladies, and Jay got an autographed Blackbringer.

After parting ways (which only came after some unhealthy Cold Stone Creamery ice-cream), the Disco Mermaids took a vote…and it was unanimous! Laini & Jim are hereby known as the Cutest Couple in Children’s Literature (C.C.C.L. for short).

from left to right:
Luke, Luke's Best Friend, Luke's Mommy, Luke's Other Best Friend, C.C.C.L.


Rilla said...

Cutest couple in children's lit... how cute... glad to see Laini's keeping her magenta madness going strong. It looks fab...

Anonymous said...

yay for cccl (and i love luke and all his pals!)
can you believe the ENTIRE conference i did not know who the cute pink haired lady and her man were--NO CLUE. afterwards, i think it was here, that i found out. and i know her from her blog and myspace etc. i mean, she's written me before.

seaheidi=massive dork

Colorado Writer said...

How awesome! Luke has some cool friends!

LindaBudz said...

As a rule, I think cool blog = cool person (or people, as the case may be). And I agree, Laini's blog is pretty darned cool.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey thanks for the kind words Mer-pals! It was SO great meeting you at the conference and then getting to see you again so soon! We really had SUCH a great time with you all and hope we can make it at LEAST an annual thing, or (to keep the pressure on in a cyclical fashion) you 3 could move to P-town and voila (!) instant amazing coolness! Sound like a plan?

Anonymous said...

"Tissue? I barely know you!"

This is just a sampling of the funny jokes your son could learn at school!

Hope you are feeling as brave and confident as your little man does very soon!

: ) Laura