Friday, April 18, 2008

Themeless in San Luis Obispo—Robin

Not much of a theme to my post this weekend. This post is more like “things that are totally unconnected and talked about in a random fashion.” There. That’s my theme!

FIRST RANDOM THING: The other night I watched “The Human Footprint” on the National Geographic Channel. Did anyone else watch that? Fascinating! The show is about everything we consume over a lifetime, like how much water we use and how many bottles of shampoo we go through. Honestly, I think I go through WAY more bottles of shampoo than they showed. And probably twice as much conditioner! Is that bad?

To illustrate the number of showers we take over a lifetime, they lined up thousands of rubber duckies (each duckie representing one shower) and created a wide path that led from the shower all the way out the house, down the road and into a nearby lake. Weird, I know. What’s even weirder, is that this demonstration did not get me to thinking about how much water I waste. Instead, I kept thinking about the poor dude who had to line up all those duckies for 30 seconds of TV time. How did he get THAT job!? Was it his first day as intern!? (Yes, these are the ridiculous things that concern me.)

SECOND RANDOM THING: One of our friends is moving to London and she sold us her didjeridoo. It’s about 4 feet long and when my husband is blowing on it and I’m in the other room…for just a moment… I get scared because I think there’s a walrus in the house. "No, silly," I say to myself, "it’s just our new aboriginal wind instrument." (Honestly, it’s super-cool!)

THIRD RANDOM THING: I’ve been doing, um, okay with being vegan. I’m able to do fine when I’m at home (thanks to the power of lentils) but going out to dinner is a nightmare! I get all tense and my heart palpitates before I even look at the menu because I know there won’t be anything on there I can eat. So I just go ahead and eat things with cheese and pretend it never happened.

FOURTH AND FINAL RANDOM THING: Pumpkins are neat. (That’s the most random thing I could think of. Sorry, but I had to keep with my theme!!!)

You guys got anything random going on?



Hélène Boudreau said...

Okay, I'll play. Random things I'm thinking about right now;

It's my daughter's 7th birthday. She's downstairs watching cartoons with little sis and I've placed a present at her place at the table for breakfast. I can't wait for her to come upstairs and open it. It's a necklace with a sparkly pearl pendant. (She loves pearls)

Instead of a birthday cake, she wants a birthday pie. Apple. (Must make an apple pie)

And lastly, I wonder how much a thousand rubber duckies increases a person's human footprint by. (hmmm...)

Disco Mermaids said...

Exactly! Did they calculate how many rubber duckies people consume...just to show how much they consume?

And your daughter sounds like me. I used to ask for blackberry cobbler on my birthday. (Still do, actually.)


Disco Mermaids said...

Didjeridoo. That's my new favorite word. How very Survivor of you!

Helene, my husband requests only birthday pies, too. Or birthday beef jerky. I know. Weird.

Somehow I got addicted to Facebook in the last 48 hours. Thanks Lisa Yee and Greg Trine! I don't really get it. You have all these thumbnail pics of "friends" and they can "send" you virtual gifts and stuff, like a picture of flowers for your birthday or picture of a martini if you want to buy a "round" of drinks. Strange. Very strange.

Robin, this post made me LOL, dude. Must stop saying "dude"...sounds so very Real World, circa 1992. Remember I made you a blueberry cobbler recently? But really it was more like a giant, dry pancake, sans enough blueberries to define it as cobbler.

Is that random enough??


Disco Mermaids said...

Yes, Eve, I loved your blueberry focaccia bread. (tee-hee) And I still have your glass pan in my trunk, but I keep forgetting to give it to you!!!


Hélène Boudreau said...


I *thought* I saw you on Lisa's page. I'm on her friends' list if you'd like to FB connect. I promise not to throw any sheep at you.

And birthday beef jerky? That's a new one for me!