Saturday, September 20, 2008

Done! (Almost)—Robin

I’ve finally finished the revisions for The Happiness Project. Woohoo! Now it’s off to get suggestions from a couple of author friends and then, assuming their suggestions aren’t the start-all-over kind, it’s off to my agent.

So you would think now that I’m done with my part for a while, I’d have plenty of time for laundry and movies and shower scrubbing and well-cooked dinners. But…no.

I have another project I’m working on. I’ve been helping my husband start up his wedding photography business and we’ve signed up to be in a wedding faire next month. Which sounds simple, but the vendors at these fairs don’t just decorate, they go…all…out. Fabric, flower arrangements, lighting, rugs, souvenirs, giveaways. And the lighting. Did I mention the lighting!?


They even have a competition at the wedding faire for booth decorating and they’ll be handing out an award for Best In Show. My plan is to just do well enough that we aren’t escorted out of there by the decorating police. (Would they handcuff us with tulle?)

“Simple and elegant,” I explained to my husband.

He nodded.

But yesterday, Husband burst into the front door and said, “Dude, I found these lamps that sit on the floor and they’re covered in bamboo and I could take off the top and weight the bottom with sandbags and light it from beneath and we could buy four of them and build our own tabletops and attach them with brackets and run the cords underneath so it looks like tables that are sitting on glowing bamboo pods! What do you think!?”

What do I think?

We’re going for Best In Show, baby!!!



Katie said...

Good night! Best in show is right!!!!

Take pictures!!!!

(as if you weren't already going to...)

cynjay said...

Anybody who doesn't hire him is an idiot - his work is amazing.

Does this mean that I have to get married again in order for him to take my author photo?

Disco Mermaids said...

You know we'll take lots of pictures, Katie! Should be interesting!

And Cynjay, you're married to your novels, so that's close enough for him. Come visit us soon and we'll set you up!


Suzanne Young said...

Oh, yeah. Nothing like thinking you might win to kick off the competition. haha.

Get that novel to your agent and... Whip some wedding-trained rear!!!!!

Christy Raedeke said...

Congrats on finishing your novel! Isn't it kind of fun to have something totally unrelated to writing to focus on while you're waiting for feedback? Cannot wait to see pix of the bamboo pods!