Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Hair Piece -- Jay

At long last, I’ve found another creative outlet. Painting!

This past Saturday, I painted my very first canvas. I titled it "Windcatcher" and gave it to my wife on our 6th wedding anniversary on Sunday. (The woman in the painting is supposed to be JoanMarie, in case you don’t recognize her.)

For several years, I had been telling Eve that I wanted to learn how to paint. She always told me to c’mon over and she’d show me how, but I always had “other things” to do. Truthfully, I was just terrified of discovering that I sucked. I can’t draw, so how could I possibly paint? But last week, I watched a BBC series about famous paintings and I relearned a word that would allow me to justify a lack of attention to detail: Impressionism!

No, of course that doesn’t look exactly like a woman’s hair caught in a breeze. It’s simply my impression of a woman’s hair caught in a breeze.

Eve was getting ready to begin a painting for a neighbor, so I joined her. Her paints were all set out, she had an assortment of canvas sizes for me to choose from, and we got to work. She gave me a few pointers (you can use the other end of a brush to scratch lines through the paint!), but she otherwise allowed me to get lost for a couple hours in the colors.

Of course, after I’d finished my painting, Eve showed me what she’d been working on.

Show off!

- Jay


cynjay said...

When I get rich, I'm so buying some DiscoMermaid originals!

Debby G said...

That's so great! I am really enjoying my weekly stand-up comedy class too. It's good to be a beginner at something and do it just for fun, with no huge expectations for yourself, don't you think?

It's nice that both your pictures seem full of happiness!

Disco Mermaids said...

You and Eve are welcome to come over to my house for instruction on stick-figure drawing. Or laundry.


Lisa Schroeder said...

Really? If you can't draw, you still have hope as a painter? Wow, who knew?

I love that piece, Jay.

And Eve, yours is lovely too...

laurasalas said...

Great work! And thanks for sharing a beginner's effort. It's encouraging.

My husband and I took a watercolor class (not an artistic bone in my body, by the way), and it turned out you, um, did need to kind of know how to draw in order to paint for this class. Oops.

Carmen said...

You three all seem around the same age (late 30's-ish) like me. I was wondering how formative your high school experiences were with respect to your writing today, and if you went to (or are going to go to) your 20 year HS reunions? Mine is coming up and I'm mixed.


Disco Mermaids said...

Actually, only two of the Mermaids are in their late 30s...and I'm not going to say their names.

And CynJay, Robin told me what you thought my painting looked like!!! (Tee-hee! You're kinda right.)

- Jay

SilberBook-Blog said...

Let's see...Therapy...Painting....What's next, cutting off an ear?

Cool painting, Jay. Is there anything you can't do???


cooteeo said...

Hey Jay! My name is mike from Canada! i just finished reading your book 13 reasons why this morning. I just wanted to say its a great book with an even better message! Keep doing what you do! Keep searching for inspiration in life by observing those around you and being thankful for all the gifts you have in family and friends!


Rita said...

Those are just gorgeous. How awesome.

Happy anniversary, Jay!! It's me and my husband's 6th anniversary, too! (This weekend!)