Wednesday, December 14, 2005

12 Form Rejections - #2

(inspired by The Twelve Days of Christmas)

In my second form rejection, the letter said to me:
good luck in the future,
but this story doesn't fit our current needs.

Tomorrow...form rejection number three.


Debby G. said...

What a great idea! And when you all get your book contracts, you can publish this and title it something like, "The Road to Publication," except you'd pick a snappier title like "DiscoMermaids Conquer the Publishers."

Ooh, and I get to be your first official commentor!

Anonymous said...

Hi, guys, this sounds like fun. Do you have too much time on your hands? Happy Holidays.

Lynne Mc

Disco Mermaids said...

How cool to have the first comment on our blog written by our favorite blogger. I urge you all to check out her site...and read her hilarious debut novel, STORKY.

- Jay