Monday, December 19, 2005

12 Form Rejections - #7

(inspired by The Twelve Days of Christmas)

In my seventh form rejection, the letter said to me:
see Writer's Market for our guidelines,
due to the number of submissions,
we can't give personal suggestions,
though we strive for quick responses,
after careful consideration,
good luck in the future,
but this story doesn't fit our current needs.

Tomorrow...form rejection number eight.


David S said...

Thank you for this holiday cheer!
Very funny,
David Steinberg

P.S. Your submission, The Twelve Form Rejections, does not fit our current needs.

Disco Mermaids said...

Funny you should make this comment the day we post the line about Writer's Market guidelines. Last week, "The Twelve Form Rejections" was submitted to Writer's Digest Magazine. Since they print the Writer's Market books, I'm hoping they'll want to publish this song in one of their issues. If not, I really hope their rejection comes in a form letter. That would make it so hilarious that I, hopefully, will forget to cry.

Whatever their response, our blog readers will be the first to know!

- Jay