Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Children's Writer's Love Fest --Eve


I love Jay and Robin with all of my heart. There, I said it. I’ve recently been musing over how lucky I am to share my world with them. We talk several times a day, go out to coffee/movies/dinner/lunch/ conferences/bars/dancing/bookstores whenever possible, share the same sense of humor, and think of each other as brilliantly funny. Jay shares my love of movies and Survivor. Robin shares my love of 20-something boys, red wine and toenail polish. My sister always says, “I wish I had a Jay and a Robin to hang out with.”

We often joke that searching for the right editor is like searching for a boyfriend/girlfriend. And you know from my Finding The Right Critique Group blog that I feel the same way about finding writers to hang out with. I want someone who listens, laughs at my jokes, and is honest with me about my writing (“Oh, no you di’int just write that!”), my outfits (“That skirt is so waaay showing your butt!”), and my dancing (“Oh my God, you’re sooo Fergie!”). And as much as we make fun of each other (See above statements), we really genuinely like being together. We also can talk about anything. And I do mean ANYTHING (But I won’t even go there because this is a family show!). What more could I ask for?

New writers always ask me how they should begin. I respond first with a suggestion that they join a critique group. I’m convinced no one can write in a vacuum. I’m lucky to have found wonderful critiquers that have become such great friends. I love that Jay, Robin and I can talk writing for hours, dissecting everything from what we liked/disliked about “Looking For Alaska” to which famous authors/editors we have crushes on to which celebrities we want to make out with (Did that last one have to do with writing? Who cares!).

Yes, we have the perfect relationship. One that has no doubt kept me on the writing path all those times I wanted to quit and go work at Cinnabon (used to dream of being a ‘Fly Girl’ but In Living Color went off the air.) So, THANK YOU, Jay and Robin…for being the wind beneath my wings, my rocks, my churros.

I love y’all, man! And not just because you are editing my novel as we speak. I swear!



Disco Mermaids said...


You had me at, "WARNING: SAP AHEAD."

- Jay

Disco Mermaids said...

As long as we're quoting movies...

I can't quit you, Ennis...I mean Eve!