Saturday, September 23, 2006

What Are We...Chopped Liver!? -Eve and Robin

Don’t get us wrong. We love chopped liver. Who doesn’t? We’re ECSTATIC that Jay was named the 26th Hot Man of Children’s Literature by Fuse #8. It was #1 on his list of lifetime aspirations. No, really. It’s all good.

It’s just that we—as a collective feminine presence on this blog—would like to have our day! What does Jay have that we don’t? (Please keep your answers to yourself.)

We realize he’s charming…he’s witty…he has a reasonable amount of hair. But come on! We’re charming and witty and hairy and, doggone it…we’re hot! (Okay, we were hot…once…in those pictures from our 18th birthday.)

Why must women continue to be oppressed in this society? Why can’t WE be recognized purely on the basis of our looks? All we ever hear from you folks is, “Oh Eve, you’re so smart!” “Oh Robin, you’re such a fantastic writer!” What do we have to do to get noticed? Parade around like Jay with heavy make-up and short skirts at writing conferences? (Again, keep your answers to yourself.)

Perhaps we should start a list of “Women in Literature Who Stand in the Wings Supporting Their Hot Men of Literature, Going Unnoticed And Graciously Accepting Their Place in Society.”
We will not go quietly! Hear us ROAR. From this point on, September 23rd will be known as WILWSITWSTHMOLGUGATPIS DAY!! Do they make a Hallmark card for that? Well, they should.

CONGRATULATIONS, JAY! You’ve always been OUR personal Hot Man. Now we can share you with the world. (If you’re into that kind of thing…) Rock on, H.M.O.C.L.!!!

Love you,
Mean it!

- Eve and Robin


Disco Mermaids said...

There, there, Robin. There, there, Eve. No one thinks you're chopped liver.'re bookends!

Even an unpublished loose-bound manuscript like me looks impressive sandwiched between two hottie blonde bookends.

- Jay

Disco Mermaids said... SOUNDS like a compliment, but...

:-) Robin (Bookend #2)