Friday, June 08, 2007


It's now past five o'clock, which means our contest is now closed to new entries. The judging process will begin tonight and we will announce the winner early next week.

Oh, and thanks a lot! We thought this was going to be a fun contest to judge, but it's going to absolutely suck (sorry, but that's the only word that works). Your entries tickled our funny bones, tugged at our hearts, and...well...thanks for the pictures.

Some entries were in rhyme, some told us a story, and some came filled with links. Some used the strategy of reverse psychology (why they don't deserve the money), some guessed at what other entries said, then told us why those people didn't deserve to win, and some perfected the fine art of butt-kissing.

Our only regret is that we have just one scholarship to give. Because we wanna meet you all. We wanna hang out with you all. And we wanna party with every single one of you!


heidi said...

Good luck with the judging---it's a great thing you guys are doing. =)

ps. I got an awesome agent a couple days ago. Whoo hooo!

Anonymous said...

How many entries were there altogether? (Yup, just scoping out the competition)

Disco Mermaids said...

For the total number of entries, multiply the number of reasons per entry by the number of Disco Mermaids.

cynjay said...

Oooh! Higher math!

Such a mitzvah.

Anonymous said...


It's over?!

Now you missed out on having me design and sew all the Disco Mermaids' costumes for the next five years . . .

I think you guys are the greatest and my mornings wouldn't be the same without stopping by your blog. Have fun at the conference!

Kimberly Lynn

Rilla said... it over? Just when I was progressing so nicely in coming up with reasons. Let's see, I had only...hmm...thirteen to many did you want again?

Rilla said...

Just noticed the last line of my comment disappeared...well, it was Good luck with the judging...hmm... not a reason to come back. Anyway, the reason I did return, is I had a!
How about if you make this DM scholarship an annual thing...wait...wait...put them shiny flipper things down...I do have a proposition.
I'm willing to put down let's say $10 every year for the official DMS. Now if you can get 39 other takers to put down $10, let's see, if I can still multiply...that's how many responses you got to the contest...well, well, numbers are so pretty. Coming back to my point, then you'd have a permanent thing going and not be out of pocket either...and if we can find 7 more donors, you could even include a MS critque.
So, there's my idea. If you want to talk about in LA, you know where to find me...I'll be at the bar trying out them mojito things ;)