Saturday, June 16, 2007

WeWe (3 of 3) -- Jay

Read these rules before you continue, otherwise you'll think I can't stop talking about myself. (Yes, I know that's what blogs are for...but just read the rules!)

  1. I hate onions. Not in a don't-worry-I'll-pick-them-off kind of way, either. And I've had it with people who say, "Oh, you won't even taste them...they're just for flavor." Guess what! The thing I hate about the flavor!!!
  2. I camped out for three days to get front row seats at a Def Leppard concert (of course, I had to call in sick to work). The next morning, the newspaper ran a frontpage story on us campers...and my mug was front and center in the photo.
  3. When I was very young, I won a trophy for having the curliest hair.
  4. In fourth grade, I changed my last name. In eighth grade, I changed my first name (due to the ridiculousness of my first name/last name combination).
  5. I hate the taste of alcohol. And I've tried enough to know that it will never become an acquired taste (though Robin and Eve keep tryin' by buyin'). I just can't get the stuff down without pinching up my face and shuddering.
  6. I once taught swing dance lessons. My wife loves swing dancing, but I'm uncomfortable with any dance that requires thinking ahead rather than simply flailing around. When we moved to Wyoming, JoanMarie volunteered to teach swing lessons at the YMCA. But she needed a partner and couldn’t find anyone who already knew the steps. She "forgot" to tell me about my commitment till 20 people had already signed up. So we ordered how-to videos and taught the students whichever move I learned a few hours earlier.
  7. I rush through monotonous activities…no matter how necessary. For about the first year, I loved shaving. Now, I don't even use shaving cream. I just grab the least-used disposable razor and scrape away.
  8. My dream career: cartoonist of a daily comic strip. Charles M. Schulz was my hero growing up. (At the bottom of this post is a sample from a strip I wrote when I was 13.) But since I can’t draw very well, I’m stuck with this writing thing.
- Jay

Thankfully, I've learned to take myself out of my art.


Colorado Writer said...

So you changed your name? To what and does this mean I can't call you Kick Ash?

Disco Mermaids said...

I changed my name to Jay Asher. But I won't tell you what I changed it from.

So the nickname can stay!

- Jay

LindaBudz said...

Vincent Van Gopher! I laughed out loud. But then, I'm easily amused.

Sarah Beth Durst said...

I didn't know anyone handed out trophies for having curly hair. I clearly grew up in the wrong place.

I actually wrote my college admission essay on the traumas of having curly hair.

- Sarah (who has VERY curly hair)

Colorado Writer said...

I LOVE TO SWING, Jay. Maybe you can toss me around the dance floor at SCBWI LA? Of course I may have to drink a little and take off my fairy wings.

Anonymous said...

My son shares your distaste for onions.

He started telling people he is allergic to them since he was 9.
He said if you say you don't like them, people don't take you seriously, but waiters never forget when he says he is very allergic! ; )


Lisa Yee said...

Your illustrations remind me of Rotten Ralph.

Don Tate II said...

The onion thing is funny. Coincidence. Just tonight, the wife and I had a huge disagreement about dinner. She put onions in my steak. She knows I DON'T like onions. SHE likes onions. I can't stand to smell em, see em, and sure won't tasted em.

gail said...

Hey, I'm right there with you on the hating onions thing. I won't touch them. If one gets cut in my house, it better be triple wrapped in foil before going in the fridge. Nothing like onion-flavored orange juice!

Telling people you're is allergic to them really does work! Although technically I don't think there is an onion allergy, but people don't seem to know this.

Fun stuff,

Disco Mermaids said...

I've started using the allergy excuse simply because, and Laura is right, no one takes my distaste seriously.

Thanks for understanding, y'all!

- Jay

Anonymous said...

Oh Jay, how can I not reveal the prior name? "Ridiculous" is an understatement, at least to my obnoxious self. Please, please, please? Can I? Huh? Huh? No? O.k., now I can just laugh to myself about it, along with laughing at your adorable cartoon! Lamy