Thursday, June 14, 2007

WeWe (1 of 3) -- Eve

Here are the rules (if you don't read the rules first, you might think we're totally stuck on ourselves).

  1. In the second grade, I wrote my first book called Snoopy In Sports...and yes, I did my own illustrations.

  2. I know every word to every Duran Duran song ever made, even the Euro-remix-import singles.

  3. I’ll never eat anything that’s cute, like pigs, cows, sheep, or rabbits. I usually can’t even bring myself to eat chicken because they were cute as little chicks!

  4. I’m related to Maria Von Trapp. No, for real. I know everybody says that, but it’s true. And I know every Sound of Music song by heart, too.

  5. The Queen of England’s doctor delivered me. Jay and Robin said to include that, but I don’t know why they find it all that interesting. Maybe it’s because Robin’s favorite saying of all time is, “Take one for the Queen!” (That’s a whole ‘nother story, believe me.)

  6. If I was ever on Death Row, my last meal would be white cake and Gummy Bears. Don’t you think that info says a lot about a person? I’m always curious to hear what other peoples’ Death Row last meals would be.

  7. I can name every muscle, nerve, blood vessel, and bone in the human body. Not that I would ever want or need to, but still. I guess it would make me really good at Trivial Pursuit: Human Body Edition. If that existed.

  8. There are only three things in the world that gross me out: frogs, snot, and eyeball surgery. Imagine if I witnessed a snotty-nosed frog getting eyeball surgery. Oh, I’m gonna hurl!
That’s all, folks! I hope to become more interesting in the upcoming year (book contract, book contract, book contract); I find that if I chant things over and over, they tend to come true. (Colin Farrell at my door, Colin Farrell at my door…Hey, it worked! Gotta go!) Oh, sorry. I guess that's 9 things about me, not 8. I've never followed rules very well. Oh, shoot. Now that's 10! Sorry. I also say "sorry" a lot. Damn! That's 11. "This one goes to eleven." And I love to quote Spinal Tap. There I go again! Sorry.

- Eve


Natalie said...

Maria Von Trapp!? Very cool, Eve. You'll have to go on the Sound of Music tour they give in Salzburg, Austria--they show the places where the movie was filmed, as well as places where the real Von Trapp family traipsed through the town. It's a 3-hour bus tour and the tour guides are almost all Australians--not sure why. They play the movie sound track whenever you're on the bus, and they tell you to sing along, but no one does. At first. Then they start giving out free beers if you answer movie trivia questions the end of the tour, everyone's belting out the songs. :-) Let me know if you go, and I'll give you a head's up on the questions....although being related to Maria would certainly earn you a free beer or two, I'm sure. :-)

Linda D. (sbk) said...

death row last meal ...

filet mignon, mashed potatoes, a baked potato, broccoli and cheese sauce

And of course cheese cake to top it off.

drink: coke and lots of it.

Just so you know, if I ever happen to be on death row and you happen to be the one feeding me. Oh, and I like my steak done medium- well. None of this mooing on the plate, half cooked stuff.

Colorado Writer said...

I love to know Death row meals, too.

Mine: Seared ahi tuna, a Big Salad with pecans and cranberries and lemon vignaigrette dressing, a Bud Light, mashies and gravy, a Godiva dark chocolate raspberry truffle, a Hostess Snowball (chocolate cake, cream filling, with the hot pink marshmellow/coconut outside) and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Oh, and I guess my LASIK eye surgery video wouldn't interest you.

Rilla said...

Sound of Music tour in Salzburg sounds very cool! Haven't been to Salzburg but I have been to Stowe Vermont where, so I was told, the other half of the movie was shot since, and I'm sure this is ancient history to Eve, the vonTrapp family settled there. Not as pretty, but hey no Nazis...and no tour ;( But all of this music stuff makes me think that Eve should sing when handing over the envelope and the Mermie to Colorado Writer in about These are a Few of My Favorite things...or no...even better...forget the about yodel, yodel, yee hee hee...!

Rilla said...

p.s. I have been working on putting together a website of online children's writer resources that have been helpful to me in the past. If anyone would like to use it and/or help me continue to fill it out as it is a work in progress, here it is:

Disco Mermaids said...

WOW! Such interesting Von Trapp information out there.

I lived near Stowe, Vt for many years, and it was our family tradition to go to their Trapp Family Lodge for dinner at holiday time. Maria died several years back, but my aunt said she was a mean, feisty old lady who was upset about the movie portraying her as being soft and sweet and girly!

I must go to Salzburg. And I'll be belting out the songs when I'm still sober! Although, my singing has been compared to the sound of a snotty-nosed frog undergoing eyeball surgery, so they may want to invest in earplugs.

Linda d,
I love your artery-clogging bomb as a last meal! You'll explode before they can execute you...brilliant!

LOVE your last meal too. Bud funny. But I'd request like a 12-pack so that by the time they inject me, I'll be too sloshed to care!

Fun stuff, guys!

cynjay said... plans to take you to the Exploratorium next time you're in SF and watch the cow eyeball dissection every hour we're there won't work?

My kids insist on sitting through that whenever we go - complete with chorus' of eewww when the juice squirts out.

Sarah Darer Littman said...

Well my son got circumcised by the same mohel that snipped Prince Charles. So you're in good company :>)

Death room meal:

Jaques Torres dark chocolates, Tattinger champagne and steak frites.