Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7-7-7 -- Eve

I was in Vegas (Baby!) for the last few days, eating, drinking, gambling, sunning, and generally engaging in debaucherous Vegas-y behavior. But believe it or not, I couldn’t fully concentrate and enjoy the depravity of it all. Why? I’m fixated on my freaking book that’s sitting on editors’ desks as we speak! Now, granted, it’s probably serving as a big fat coaster, collecting coffee ring stains from assistants’ mugs because the editors are all on summer vacay enjoying their own debauchery. Still, I couldn’t help but obsess. Waiting gets worse every single day.

As I floated down Mandalay Bay’s Lazy River on my fluorescent pink tube (poor me, I know) I remembered something. My agent is in NYC right now. I had forgotten that she’s spending the week meeting with the editors who aren’t sunbathing in the Hamptons with Paris and Lindsay. Holy crap! She could call me at any time with news! Then the signs started popping up all around me. My room got upgraded to a suite. I accidentally got a free dessert. And, kid you not, as the clock struck 12 midnight on 7/7/07 my slot machine suddenly got hot, spitting silver dollars at me. CLANG CLANG CLANG! With each pull of the lever everything became clear. This is my lucky day. 7/7/7 is the luckiest day of the millennium. Woo-hoo! Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

As the day went on I realized that I hadn’t heard my phone ring one time. I usually get at least 5-10 calls from Robin and/or Jay per day. So I checked my phone and, sure enough, the ringer was off. And I’d missed a call! It was from area code 831. Hmm. I searched my brain. 831…831…Holy crap! My agent! She’s the only person I know from the 831. Are you kidding me?? I knew it. Knew it! Knew it! Knew it!

My heart raced and my fingers shook as I pressed in my voicemail passcode. My head raced. My agent, my agent, my agent. Million dollar deal, million dollar deal. Five book contract…aaahhh! “Hello, Eve,” said the soothing female voice on the recorded message. This was it! The call. The moment I’ve waited for my whole entire… “This is Jenny with the Henry Miller Library. We received your registration for the Big Sur Writer’s Conference. Unfortunately, we can’t accept your credit card. Apparently it’s been maxed out. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

So, turns out 7/7/7 was pretty significant. It was my day (to file for bankruptcy). Damn that slot machine. Damn that temptress! Seductress!

- Eve


Anonymous said...

Luck, schmuck (I love how that works on a couple levels!). Your day will come regardless of luck because you're good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh darn it, people like you. Oh, and your book rocks, too. Love ya, Lamy

Debby G. said...

Oh, man!

Well, I czn't feel TOO sorry for you, being in Vegas and all.

Hey, lucky 7/11 is coming up. Maybe THAT will be your good-news day.

Ben O. said...

I predict in about 7 months there are going to be a record number of anulments.

That's just me, though.

Ben O.

Rilla said...

Hey Eve,
If your book is anything like this last post...building tension, mounting suspense, breath-baiting drama and raucous comedy...you gonna make it big!
I thought 777 would be a lucky day too, didn't everyone, but not a single silver dollar to show for it...phooey.

Colorado Writer said...

LMAO Eve. Of course, you are lucky! You went to Vegas and didn't get married while you were there! Or did you? I got engaged there, once. Bad idea. I was blinded by the diamond in my eye. And it's a story for another time.

Colorado Writer said...

PS. Maybe Friday the 13th will be lucky!

Debby G. said...

Hey, I saw the link to the writer's conference, and realized that my bio hadn't been posted. I'm going to be there as an author! Yay! They just put my bio up on the site. I hope you got everything straightened out so I can see you up there.

LindaBudz said...

Hey, you got to play in Vegas and now you get to go hang out with a bunch of fabulous writers at Big Sur (assuming you got that credit thing worked out?).

Life is still good, no?

cynjay said...

I was in the lazy river at Waterworld on Thursday, surrounded by screaming kids and harried adults pretending that I was in the lazy river at Mandalay Bay (my most favorite LV haunt, BTW - did you go to the spa???).

7-7-07 is for amateurs. You don't need no stinkin' lucky day.

Disco Mermaids said...

I can't complain one bit about my life, I know. Believe me, I realize that every day is lucky for me.

Yo, Debby G. So glad you'll be one of my instructors at the Big Sur Conf!

And no, CJ, I did not go to the Mandalay Bay spa. They only let people in there who did not max out their credit cards on that evil slot machine that ate all my money.


Emily Jiang said...

Hi Eve, great post. Luck is all about how you spin it. Who knows, you could get lucky at Big Sur (hopefully before).