Monday, July 30, 2007

Shoppin' for L.A. -- Robin & Eve

[If you’re attending the national SCBWI conference this weekend, head on over to GottaBook to find out the time and place for a kidlit blogger meet-up. Plus, you’ll discover what FAKDN@SSC! stands for.]

While most people have been getting ready for the national SCBWI conference by getting their hair and nails done, I’ve been preparing by shopping for pajamas!

Every year, the three of us share a hotel room (in a Three’s Company sort of way…even though Eve never lets me be Chrissy! Waaahhh!). And every year I go to bed in an oversized sweatshirt and way-too-warm sweatpants so Jay doesn’t have to witness…well, let’s just say there are certain things he doesn’t need to see! But Evie, on the other hand, always looks completely freaking adorable in her completely freaking adorable pajamas.

So I confided in her the other day, that I, too, would like to prance around all cute-like, but that I needed pajamas that would be…you know…supportive. Ahem. So Evie introduced me to the wonders of adorable pajama tank tops at Victoria’s Secret that are very supportive. But being the spendthrift I am, I promptly replicated the cute Victoria’s Secret outfit at Ross (Dress for Less!) down the street for a tenth of the cost. Woo-hoo!

When I got home that night, my husband peeked in the bag after I told him what I had purchased. He said, “You mean you bought cute pajamas…for Jay!?” Then he shrugged his shoulders and added, “For some reason, that makes perfect sense.”

So now I can safely prance about our room all cute-like without worrying that I’ll have to sleep in a rain proof snow suit. I’m ready! Can't wait to see y'all there!

Training for this year’s annual SCBWI conference has been tough. To look and feel our best we’ve been busy resting, tanning, working out, painting our nails, and getting our hair done. And the other day, Robin and I endured a major pre-conference crisis when I tried on my “By the Light of the Silvery Moon” party ensemble for the first time. I stared at the mirror in horror when I saw my own silvery moon hanging out the bottom of the dress. Then the phone rang. It was Robin. Same problem! And it was waaay too late to find another outfit.

Though the DMs are used to showing skin at these events, we try to limit it to body parts that won’t get us arrested. What to do, what to do? So, Robin zipped over to my house and we ran around town searching for something…anything!...that would cover our ass-ets, but not compromise the continuity of the outfits. We finally came upon something to wear under the outfit that matches perfectly (and will save us our dignity). However, we still needed a final test. We zipped back to my house and dressed head-to-toe in our silvery best. When Robin said, “Ready…GO!” we jumped, screamed, and danced around like the fools that we are. The ensemble held up through The Cabbage Patch, The Sprinkler, and The Running Man. We discovered that as long as we avoid doing handstands or The Worm, we’re pretty safe. Crisis averted! All is well.

(As a bonus, our show got rave reviews from the golfers on the 7th green peering through my bedroom window. D’oh!)

Practicing similar moves
in our hotel room last year.


Anonymous said...

LOL--you guys are too hilarious. Can't wait to see the outfits LIVE!


Colorado Writer said...

Oh dear god!

Rilla said...

Hey Eve,
I've been doing my nails too, they look lovely now that I've used them to smash a hundred or so rivets into my costume. YES, I finally buckled down and decided I would make one...whether I wear it or not still remains to be seen...might need a little support from supportive friends...Done my hair -- I have the perfect hat hair after trying on my headgear a billion times in the making process...been working out too on Lisa Yee's Harry Potter diet...and the tan, alas, is permanent.
Silver moons sounds great...dunno why you had to make a change ;)
And Robin, thanks for all the supportive tips...;0

Anonymous said...

I second Colorado Writer's comment. BUT (there always is a big but, so let's talk about my big but), I am sooooooo jealous that I won't be there! Lamy

Emily Jiang said...

Brilliant idea to test drive your costumes! Can't wait to see them in LA!

Disco Mermaids said...

Funny, but I just realized that there's no mention of us preparing for the annual conference by reading all the speakers' books, catching up on kidlit blogs, shopping for pens, paper, and other supplies...

FYI, we're doing all that too! For the DM's it's not ALL about prancing around in cute pj's and skanky party outfits. (Okay, maybe it is.)

Can't WAIT to see everyone!!


Debby G. said...

I am despondent that I'll have to miss the conference this year!

Well, not totally despondent. I'll be celebrating my 15-year wedding anniversary in Italy.

But, still, I'm a little sad to be missing it.

Have a great time!

Colorado Writer said...

You can put a Colorado girl in LA, but you can't turn her into Paris Hilton. I hate high heels, but don't get me started on the clothing and shoes I've purchased for this trip.

I am getting a spray tan, just in case I meet(gulp) Matthew McConaughey. I won't bother with nails because I'll just chew them off on the plane ride. You can't fix straight, brown hair, so no hair stuff.

I have come to the conclusion that I won't have enough cohones to put on my costume. Unless coerced.

And other than the fab DM's, I plan to stalk, I mean meet, Tony Abbott, Lisa Yee and Arthur Levine! I even got a copy of Firegirl for TA to sign.

cynjay said...

Being as I was privileged to see the aforementioned outfits in person I must say - YOU HAVE TO WEAR THEM! I knew we should have had a cafe fashion show right there and then. That would have solved all of this last-minute angst and given the Anton Lavay guy something else to talk about. By all means, cover the moons but stick with the sparkles.

I'm not going to be bitter about not going to LA (and I don't even have an great excuse like a romantic trip to Italy). I'm so happy for you all ;) Send photos. Preferably those taken late at night.

Disco Mermaids said...

We'll miss you Debby and Cynthia! Lamy, I'm sure we'll call you every day. And no worries...we'll have plenty of embarrassing photos to pass along. Cynthia, you've already seen Jay's top secret bathing suit photos, so it'll be hard to top those...but we'll try!!

P.S. According to Eve, I'm also supposed to be shopping for paper and pens!? Doh!

Gregory K. said...

It's terrible to admit, but I haven't yet painted my nails. I'm so behind!

Luckily, if I hang out anywhere in y'all's Moony orbit, I can just wear my typical party duds and be totally fine, cuz no one's gonna look at me anyway!

See ya soooooon....

Kim said...

Can't wait to see the outfits! I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Anonymous said...

WHAT?!?!? Someone else saw the top-secret Jay bathingsuit photos? I was going to mention them in a prior post (have no idea which one), but (there's that word again) I was afraid I would piss off (now-known-as) Jay Asher. From now on, I'm not letting my better judgment get the better of me. Lamy

Don Tate II said...

Eve, Robin. It's so funny, I'm literally sitting here laughing because when I met you all -- The Mermaids — last year, and ya'll told me about the hotel room arrangement, and then when I saw ya'll carrying on on the dance floor, all dressed up, I thought...well, nevermind what I thought, except to say that I cursed my dull life and praised Jay as the man. But when I returned from the conference, and read more of ya'lls blog postings, I got things straightened out. It's been fun learnin', too.

Disco Mermaids said...

Glad you got things straightened out, Don. But does that mean you don't think I'm the man anymore? Hmm...

- Jay

P.S. Someone please explain to Robin and Eve the meaning of Top Secret!!!

Don Tate II said...

Of course, yes!— I left the conference knowing that Jay was still da man, but for bigger, more important reasons other than his keen magnetism with mermaids.

cynjay said...

Hey...don't let anyone say I can't keep a secret. The images are burned into my retinas, but have I said a word? Although, I have to say Jay, that the boy-leg bikini looks great on you ;)

Linda D. (sbk) said...

Oh geez, you guys crack me up. Have fun! I'm so jealous.

LindaBudz said...

HAVE FUN! And post pictures soon!

Rita said...

Cannot wait to see what you guys are wearing this year. I just wrote a post about getting ready for SCBWI-LA, too! :D

See you tomorrow!