Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rockin' in L.A.

No time to chat. So we're gonna let the pics do most of the talkin':

The Mermaids with TadMack and A.Fortis of Finding Wonderland, Kelly Herold of Big A, little a and Little Willow.

Richard Peck congratulating Jay on his book sale with Sonya Sones smilin' on.

The Class of 2k7 panel (Greg Fishbone, Carrie Jones, Thatcher Heldring, G. Neri, Jay, and Joni Sensel).

SmartWriters W.I.N.ners Leslie Muir, Jay, Elizabeth Dulemba, and Roxyanne Young

Our second place silver suits. Sssssparkly!

The silver suits with Arthur Levine.


AMPace said...

Um, I really hate that Smartwriters picture.


Little Willow said...

Shine on. Looks as though you had all fun! So glad to meet you.

I adore shiny things. I have silver Mary Janes with clear soles!

Don Tate II said...

Oh my gosh, Jay, I'm not joking, but I wore an outfit very similar to that to my prom! I didn't want to do the tux thing, so I made my own "suit" beginning with a metalic silver dinner jacket.

You all look so...disco-fabulous1

LindaBudz said...

Yea! Thanks for posting pix! Looks like a terrific conference. Your costumes were all you promised and more!

cynjay said...

Didn't Arthur Levine and the Silver Suits have a big hit back in '62?

Kelly said...

It was great to meet the Mermaids! You look awesome in your silver suits.

Dot said...

Second place? Good lord, what blinding costume won first?

I love these pics. But maybe not as much as I love Jay's shoes. And Robin and Eve's feather hems. And those hats! Oh my . . . those hats.

HipWriterMama said...

You guys look fabulous in your silver suits!

TadMack said...

No way!

Well, I demand a recount. Or something. You people were blinding!!

TadMack said...

AND may I mention how jealous I am that you got to hang with Richard Peck???

It was very nice to meet you all.

Greg said...

Nice seeing you all at the conference. By the way, Eve, have you turned 29 yet?


Stella said...

You three constantly transcend yourselves. Amazing! Were any of you even alive when disco was in? Just wondering (I actually tended bar at a disco club back in my lettuce years).

Colorado Writer said...

Oh YA baby!

Anonymous said...

You three look stunning! Of course I would expect nothing less than stellar from the DMs. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us stay-at-homes so we could enjoy the conference vicariously!

David LaRochelle

Disco Mermaids said... comment.

(But we had a fantabulous time! Had so much fun meeting those of you who were there...and missed those of you who weren't. You'd better all be there next year!!!)

Lisa Schroeder said...

So happy to have finally met you. I expect we'll be seeing lots of good news from all of you in the coming year!!! You guys are the REAL THING!! :)

Rita said...


I'm impressed by this post. I'm still too tired to write anything...

:) :) :)

Kelly Fineman said...

It was awesome meeting you!

Lee Wind said...

Hey Jay, Eve, and Robin,
here I had this swell old world idea of sending each of you a separate e-mail thanking you for such wonderful energy and spirit, and for being my fellow travelers on this wacky journey to be published, and I don't have Robin's or Eve's email. Actually, come to think of it, there isn't much "old world" about e-mailing, is there?
Anyway, thanks for being such sparkly friends! You made the SCBWI conference weekend much brighter and happier just by being you... all three of you!
Namaste (the light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you)

Leslie Muir said...


It was great seeing you guys again in all your silvery glory. L.A. was a blast, as always.

Jay-thanks for posting the W.I.N. pic--especially since I forgot my camera. Now I have proof. We missed you, Anne Marie!!!!