Thursday, October 18, 2007

Get Into It -- Jay

Today’s the official release date of Thirteen Reasons Why. Woo-hoo! We made it! And because the occasion has my insides all jittery and giddy…jigittery?…I need to do a simple post or my head’s gonna explode with all the stuff I’d like to say.

So let me officially introduce you to the official Thirteen Reasons Why website:

Other than writing the book it's based upon, I had nothing to do with this. And that, to me, makes it especially exciting. That means the people at Penguin (Hello, Ms. Courtney Wood…you genius, you!) took my words and ran with them.

Here are some of the cool things you’ll find:

  • Click the cover to read an excerpt from the beginning of the book.
  • Copy down the hand-scribbled digits to Hannah Baker’s cell phone. (I dare ya to call it!)
  • Check out the Chamber of Commerce map which plays a big part in the book. Click around to read bits of dialogue from Hannah’s audiotapes. You’ll also find five cassettes which you can drag-and-drop into the tape player to actually hear snippets of dialogue.
  • Listen to a podcast of me filling out a book report form for…what else!…Thirteen Reasons Why.
  • Listen to a podcast of me being questioned by Robin and Eve.
  • Plus a few other cool things to read.

Okay, what are you still doing here? Go. Go!

As for me, I’m gonna go slightly mad for the rest of the day.

- Jay


Don Tate II said...

I picked up my copy last weekend, just after reading your blog.

On my books release dates, my feelings have always been weird. Like someones dropped a quarter into a pond, and no one but me heard the splash.

Happy for your enthusiam. And congratz again.

Holly said...

Hi Jay!
Just wanted to stop by and say congratulations and that I'm thrilled to finally have the book in stores. All of my booksellers are big fans and think 13 Reasons is one of the best books of the year. I agree!
Best Wishes,
your mid-Atlantic Penguin rep

Anonymous said...

wow--they did a great job with your site! congrats on the official debut. =)


cynjay said...

It's the Day of Jay!

Thanks to you, and your stinkin' site, I've just eaten up over 1/2 hour of prime writing time. But, I also feel like I just had a great Denny's breakfast with the three of you late one Thursday night - so it was worth it. So very cool.

And of course I called the number - didn't need a dare to do that!

Kelly Fineman said...

It was on the shelf at my local B&N last night - one copy left (btw) and faced under new releases. But there was a teen there, so I didn't want to interrupt. I'm looking forward to picking it up soon!

Anonymous said...


Read it. Awesome. The book is showing up in my school, too. Students are always leaving books on the desk outside my classroom, by mistake, as they organize the stuff from their lockers. Today, the lost book wasn't a text book, or the required reading of the month. It was 13 Reasons!

Don't worry, I'll find the owner. My daughter spotted a copy in her school, too. Being read. I'm so excited for you. It is great to see them popping up everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Jay!

It was great fun working on your cover and glad it turned it out pretty darn nice [if I do say so myself].

The writing is not half bad, either! ; P

Woo hoo, go you!

-- Christian Fuenfhausen

Anonymous said...

Holy cow I just called Hannah's cell phone from the 13RW website. . . freaked me out!

-- Christian

Joey said...

Mucho Congrats Jay! Sweet reward for lots of hard work and patience.

Jodi Lyn said...

My copy shipped from Amazon a couple of days ago . . . impatiently waiting for its arrival and hoping like heck it gets here before NaNoWriMo begins . . . I don't want to wait until December to start reading it! :)

Mary Hershey said...

Hey, Jay!

Many happy congrats-- hope your day has been seriously thrilling! We really ought to think up some really cool tradition to celebrate each other's Big Day. Like we all honk our horns in unison at high noon or everyone call a bookstore at 10am on The Day and ask for the book-- it's such a huge achievement. It really needs to be heralded!

Congrats to Robin and Eve, your midwives and sidekicks in all this. Nice work, girls!

Can't wait to check out the new web.

Mary Hershey

what'sinyoursoul said...

Happy launch day, Jay! Hannah and Clay will make a huge splash, I'm sure of it. The site is very cool.

Erik said...


Congrats Jay. This has been a long time coming, and couldn't have happened to a more deserving, talented author.

Glad to have been a part of it, and see your idea develop from concept to reality. Congratulations!


Disco Mermaids said...

Thanks for all the kind words, everyone.

After a rather ordinary time at work (Don was right!), the day ended beautifully. I took Robin and her family, Eve, my wife, and my parents out to a nice dinner. And after dessert, several of us made our way to a bookstore so I could sign the three copies of my book that they had in stock.

And's all up to the teens.

- Jay

Hélène Boudreau said...

Congratulations, Jay!!

I'll be looking out for it here in The Great White North.

(and thanks for the T-shirt)



Leslie Muir said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Jay!!!! I'm thrilled for you. I'll be on the prowl at my local bookstore and will pounce as soon as I see your baby.

Enjoy your moment!

Colleen Cook said...

Congratulations, Jay!!!!

Anne Marie said...

I picked it up today, Jay!

Check my blog yesterday. :)

Candace said...

I'm jealous of all you people who have mobility! I'm WILL find a way to a bookstore to get this book!

I did call the # though.

Congrats Jay! Your book seems to be getting a ton of positive reviews.

Archangel said...

Hey Jay.

I'm Archangel and just wanted to come by and tell you what a great book you've got. I recently self-published my first book and I'm hoping to finish my first novel soon.

I got ahold of an advanced reader's copy of your book and I was blown away by your vision of these characters. You did an awesome job and had me all the way to the very last page. Even after I told myself I was just going to read to a certain part and stop, I just couldn't put it down. I'm glad I didn't. Great Job.

Please stop by my blog sometime and read some of my own works. I would love to get your opinion.