Saturday, February 16, 2008

Finding Discoland #7

“Seek and ye shall find…something TOTALLY different than what you were looking for.”

Such is the case for those who typed the following words into search engines and discovered us. The Disco Mermaids!

- teen curse words -
($#%@ is still the biggie, but ^&#*@&^* hasn't been used since 1987)

- funny rhymes asking to homecoming -
(wanna go to the dance? i'll wear my cleanest underpants!)

- sneezed on the SAT scantron -
(yet somehow, still got accepted to Yale)

- they're not dumb they're just different -


Lummy said...

i read all 7.

one word: ROFLMAO

that has to be the funniest thing i've seen in a while. my cheeks hurt from smiling. oh, bravo. it was like a hilarity fix.

Lummy said...

and you are most certainly not dumb. just different beyond imagining. but that's why i love you all. :]