Friday, February 22, 2008

What It’s Worth—Robin

Remember that joke that goes: You know you’re a redneck when… (You can finish the punch line in your head. Or, of course…in the comments section.)

This week, I created my own version of that joke, only it wasn’t very funny, so don’t get your hopes up. Here goes…

You know you’re a freakishly obsessed children’s book writer when…your cell phone, your iPod, and your laptop are stolen from your car and you sob like a baby, not because you’ve just lost almost $2,000 worth of stuff, but because you knew that the only version of your middle grade novel was on that laptop. And now it’s gone. Like I said, not a very funny joke, huh?

Knowing that I’d just lost my novel, I started wailing and heaving and hyperventilating…so I figured it was a good time to call my husband. It took him a while to calm me down and figure out what had happened. Once he realized no one was hurt and the house hadn’t burned down, he almost thought it was cute—that I would be THAT upset about losing my work. But I didn’t find it very cute. I was devastated.

I sniffled through the rest of my day at work, and nodded my head when well-meaning people would say things like, “Well, maybe it will be better the second time you write it.” Thankfully, Jay and Eve said things like, “Dude, that totally sucks.” (They get me.)

Now, just in case my agent is reading this and starting to hyperventilate as well, I must say that this story has a happy ending. First, our insurance is going to cover most of the cost of replacing the items. And second, I found a flash card in a drawer and prayed that I had been responsible and saved my work the last time I worked on it. And my prayers were answered! I had saved the entire thing! Woohoo!

So I think I learned a few things this week…
1. Always save your work to a flash card.
2. You should probably save your work to another hard drive as well.
3. Go ahead and save your work to a disk, too, just to be safe.
4. Why don’t you just hold your laptop wherever you go and never let it out of your sight.
5. And learn to tell a funny joke, would ya!?



Becky Levine said...

Don't SCARE us like that! Next time, put that happy ending right up front.

I'm so glad you had the flash drive.

Disco Mermaids said...

Dude, that joke sucked!

How about this one: You know you're a freakishly obsessed blogger when your cell phone, your iPod, and your laptop are stolen from your car and you think...this'll make a great blog post!

- Jay

P.S. I'm so happy everything turned out (relatively) okay. That manuscript you're working on rocks!

Jen said...

I'm with Becky. Shame on you, Robin, for scaring us! I felt sick. My insides deflated and I felt hollow. That's every writer's worst nightmare, greatest fear, isn't it?

I'm glad your work is safe. Now I'm just furious about the theft. That sucks, too.

Debby G said...

I'd be sobbing too! Thank gawd you had saved it!

Disco Mermaids said...

I'm with you on #4, Robin.

Have you ever noticed that I always carry my laptop on me at all times? Doesn't matter where we go, I HAVE to have it on my person, so there's no chance of it getting stolen, breaking, burning, melting, or getting sucked up in a tornado.

Was it awkward watching me tote it around that dance club we went to last night?

So glad for the happy ending!


Anonymous said...

I am so very very sorry! and so very very glad!

Katie said...

Holy Moly Robin! What a panic!

How about... You know you are a dork when you think a "flash card" is one of those index cards with math facts on them!

I mean they used to be! As I read that sentence I was thinking, "why would she be relieved that she found her son's flash cards in a drawer?!"

Holy Mackeral! I need to get with the program!!

Anyway, thank goodness you found the aforementioned flash card. I would have been totally devastated as well. And I laughed at Jay the looney tune who thought it would make a great blog post -ha! ha!

Colorado Writer said...


Disco Mermaids said...

Oh sheesh, Katie! You're sooooo right! Flash cards are things with math facts on them. Since my hubby is a photographer, we save all our stuff to flash cards, and I've never given the term a second thought. Isn't it weird how times have changed so quickly!?

And Eve, it's amazing how well you can dance with a laptop attached to you. (But those guys had their hands all over your keyboard!!) ;-)


Yee-Lum said...

aw, robin. you had me in tears by the third paragraph.

but somebody up there likes you a lot. i mean, a LOT. you're incredibly lucky. i hope it sticks. :]

good luck with that novel, and be sure to carry around a couple dozen extra memory devices with you at all times. just in case.

Natalie said...

All I can say is: Wheeeeew.

laurasalas said...

Thank god, Robin. My stomach clenched up when you said you novel was on it. Sheesh.