Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Thoughts -- Robin

If you’re wondering if the Disco Mermaids watched the Oscars Sunday night, the answer is “Yes!” Even though the three of us watched it separately—Eve watched it in the comforts of her home, Jay watched it lounging on the sofa at his parents’ home while eating Chubby Hubby ice cream, and I watched it while teetering on the edge of my bed, folding socks and underwear, and reminding my son and husband not to involve me in their wrestling match/epic pillow fight because, for crying out loud, Daniel Day-Lewis is speaking!!!

Yep, I’ve had a thing for Daniel Day-Lewis ever since My Left Foot. So watching him win Best Actor (again) was amazing. (Watching George Clooney wasn’t awful either.)

For me, I came away with a couple of thoughts from watching the Oscars…

• Yes, Katherine Heigl looked like a goddess.

• No, Jessica Alba didn’t look fat and pregnant and bloated and uncomfortable. (It just would’ve made me feel better, okay!!??)

• Yes, Jon Stewart’s “Gaydolf Titler” joke was freakin’ hilarious!

But really, my favorite moment was when the adorable couple from the movie Once won Best Song. If you want to hear the song, click here. (Maybe even put on headphones and crank it loud…it’s truly beautiful.) And here’s an interview for a little backstory.

I love when creative people put their heart and soul into a project and then get recognized for it. It inspires me to take my writing to that heart-and-soul level and search for that perfect phrase or perfect description to make the character and the story so much more alive. So I want to thank the Academy for inspiring me to be a better writer and for nominating George Clooney…because he’s hot.

What about you guys? Any Oscar thoughts?

- Robin


Disco Mermaids said...

I'm happy that (for once) someone acknowledged the author of the book a film was based on. The Coen Brothers even brought Mr. McCarthy to the ceremony!

And I'm just wondering if Ms. Alba's baby will look like me...

- Jay

Laini Taylor said...

Hi Robin! For me, the moments when Once won and Marion Cotillard won were the best -- I really didn't think she'd win, and was so glad she did! And when Jon Stewart brought the Once girl (with the hard-to-remember Czech name) back out to make her speech. LOVED that! I wasn't into Katherine Heigl's look, though. We watched at my parents' on their HD TV which I'm not used to, and she had on more makeup than a drag queen -- everyone did, but hers was most noticeable, for some reason.

Colorado Writer said...

Yes, inspiring and fun to watch.

Jack is so funny! I can't believe he's 71 years old.

My favorite moment was when Jon Stewart cracked the joke about why Brad and Angelina weren't there.(How hard it is to find 17 babysitters on Oscar night.)

Um, Jay. The Jessica thing? In your dreams, my man.

Of course, unless you get a film deal for 13 and they cast Jessica as Hannah...hmmmm...

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey Laini, I loved it when the French actress won, too! And I only noticed Katherine's smokin' dress, not all that drag queen make up. But that's probably because I have a 5-year old and my TV has a slight chocolate pudding fingerprint haze to it. (And yours will too someday!)

And CW, I think you're right...Jay's dreaming. But if Jessica Alba's baby is born without much hair and cries a lot, then...hmmm...I'll be a little suspicious. (Kidding, Jay! I only cry during Titanic.)


Sarah Michele said...

Personally, I got bored after the first hour or so, ha. My mom made me watch it with her until I begged for freedom.
The only movies I've ever seen that were mentioned were Juno and Enchanted. A few of the titles mentioned made me laugh, though.
No Country For Old Men - Alright, I might've messed up that title. But for some reason it made me laugh. I started imagining some old guy walking around in a Hooters restaurant.
There Will Be Blood - Way to give away the ending.

Colorado Writer said...


Jessica Alba and Jay sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!