Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alignment of the Planets -- Eve

I've been researching astrology for my YA romance in progress for some time now. And, consequently, I've become obsessed with checking my own. In researching the history of astrology, I found that back in the day, kings, queens, astronomers, and all kinds of famous and intellectual people used their sun signs, moon signs, Venus signs, etc., to chart their futures and make big decisions. So I charted out all my signs based on the alignment of the planets (plus sun and moon) the minute I was born. I figured, hey, if powerful royal rulers used this stuff to decide whether or not to invade neighboring countries, I should take a few pointers from the universe in my quest for publication.

My "personalized horoscope" pops up in my email inbox every morning and strangely, it's usually right on in terms of how my day is going to go. Just to make sure I'm not just making my day go the way my horoscope says, sometimes I experiment and check it at the end of the day to see if it fits. My personalized reading includes a full detailed paragraph of what I can expect to endure mentally, physically, professionally and intimately during the next 24 hours. And the opening sentence sets the tone.

Since I've received so many emails from friends and supporters asking how the edits on Ring of Fire turned out, and if I've heard back from the publishing house who showed promising interest in the novel, I'll leave you with a sampling of opening horoscope lines from the last several days to let you know how my week has gone.

"Your long-term goal is completely in reach."
"Don't even think of taking a break now, the finish line is ahead."
"Creativity flows, emotions are high, the world is yours."
"Sweet success is upon you in ways you never dreamed of."
"The powers that be decide your fate today."
"Nightfall brings news you have been waiting patiently for."
"Sometimes what we want may not be what we need."
"Rejection and disappointment create a stronger, healthier, more motivated you!"

Um, yeah, thanks planets, but I think you got it wrong this time. I'm not feeling so strong, healthy or motivated at the moment.

- Eve


Disco Mermaids said...

Apparently, according to my horoscope, I shouldn't let my bad mood bring me down today...and I should also stop exaggerating and overindulging.

Still wanna meet for lunch?

- Jay

Katie said...

Aaww Eve - don't listen to all that Hullabaloo! You too Jay! Don't ya know some writer who gave up trying to write their teen novel, writes those things?!

Y'all go have a fun lunch and make up new better suited ones. Like "Inspiration and contracts are always just around the corner."

See! that one's always true :-) (even though the corner might be miles away....)

By the way, will someone please tell me the purpose of the word verification??? If you can't read the slanty druggie looking letters, are you too dumb, and therefore not allowed to post? Is druggie a word? And how funny that there's a handicap symbol next to it.? I might click that next time and see what my options are...ha! Sorry, I'm rambling...

Katie said...

Good night! I have just clicked the handicap symbol and I am literally laughing by myself. Now maybe it's just me, but you hear a bunch of jibberish (maybe other languages) which I think is supposed to be confusing and then a lady's voice says some numbers in voice over fashion... It is weirdo central!

Just sayin'.....

better get back to my real job.

Disco Mermaids said...

I feel much better after reading your comments, Katie! Laughter is good. Thanks!

And, yes Jay, as long as you promise not to bring me down with your mood, exaggerate or overindulge, I will still meet you for lunch.

And even though this morning's horoscope says I'll get nothing accomplished today, I'm feeling especially motivated. I've already finished a whole load of laundry...before 10:30am! Hmm...

Take THAT, horoscope!


Katie said...

Eve sista! DO let Jay overindulge you...AND exaggerate your potential for greatness! Assuming he was gonna accidentally do that.
Cuz those things make for a delightful lunch!

But DON'T let him be a downer :-)
Cuz that's no fun.

And DO tell me what the word verification is for?!!!

Christy Raedeke said...

I feel your pain, Eve. This business sucks! I find that chocolate-dipped macaroons are especially soothing on days with not-so-great editor news.

By the way, what site is delivering your freakishly insightful horoscope every day? I need to sign up for that...

Take care!

Anonymous said...

My favorite horoscope for one day this week was: "when you're hot you're hot, and when you're not you're not - and you're not today." I ignored it. Buck up, Evie. Lamy

krw3b said...

Hey, I want a personalized, right-on, horoscope popping up in my email every day! Where'd you get it?

Anonymous said...

The dark days can be crushing. The only way to overcome them is to move forward, though it's not always clear which direction is best, is it? Keep going though, because the fact is the ones who make it are the ones who never give up.


Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

I almost never read my horoscope until after the day has ended. And then I go "Hey, yeah, that's true, that does make sense today. I did need to hold out for better."

I always wonder though if it's that the horoscope is correct or if I'm looking for ways to connect the horoscope to my life.