Sunday, May 25, 2008

Vote Purple!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if characters from children's literature were allowed to run for president? They know the important issues. They feel the pain we authors face everyday. And they're just so darn cute! Maybe one day, if we're lucky, we might hear a speech as stirring as this one:

My fellow writers, I know your struggles. I know the mountains to be climbed, the oceans to be crossed, and the distractions to be ignored.

Hope, my friends, is on the way. And that hope…is made of wax.

Come inauguration day, I will place a crayon in every hand. A purple crayon. And together, we will draw that bridge to a shiny tomorrow. And that bridge will be purple and proud.

Searching for a novel idea? Draw a purple lightbulb over your head. Can’t bust through that writers block? A purple powderkeg will blast it away. And when you send off your manuscript to the grand city of New York, and your carefully crafted words are first seen in that highrise in the sky, draw purple dollar signs in the editor’s eyes.

You will be published. Yes, you will be published. Tomorrow’s leaders—today’s children—will read your books. And then you will be tickled a new shade…and it will be purple.

Now, my opponent may tell you that you need more than purple. That you need sparkles and feathers and things that twinkle. And even though Nancy has quite an impressive wardrobe, fancy is not what you need.

When I look out across this great country of ours, I do not see blue states and red states. From sea to shining sea, just like the mountains majesty…I see purple. It's not just a color, but a color you can believe in.

When you enter that booth on election day, vote Harold.


Wild About Words said...

I knew there was a reason purple is my favorite color . . . and my character's favorite color.

I was so inspired by your post, I was going to reply in verse, but, well, nothing rhymes with purple.

Great post!

Laura said...

This makes me want to order a batch of purple crayons and hand them out!
We all need purple crayons!

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

Harold's speech brought tears to my eyes! :P