Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Oops!...I Did It Again -- Robin

Yep, I got sick again. I thought I had paid my dues when I came down with the flu (the super evil kind) last month, but the bugs of the world felt I was such a lovely host that they decided to vacation with me again. (Do they have frequent flier miles or something!?)

Sorry for the gross opening paragraph. But I spent five days (yes, five!) lounging in my bed watching bad TV. I also moaned and complained a lot, but after that I found myself—yet again—addicted to watching The E! True Hollywood Story. Last Wednesday, they dedicated an entire afternoon to Britney Spears. And it happened again, the same way it happened with JLo! Once I heard her back story (all three hours of it) I totally felt empathy with her and now I adore her! The poor girl. Someone help her! (And please, not Dr. Phil.)

Now, I would help Britney if I had the time, but I’ve been sidetracked ever since I got something in the mail…the SCBWI 37th Annual Summer Conference brochure!!! Woo-hoo!!! Breaking the seal on that little half-circle sticker to reveal the list of speakers and events is like holding a little slice of heaven in my palm. I look forward to that moment every year!

It was nice to see some familiar names on the faculty list, like Bruce Coville, Arthur Levine, David LaRochelle, Lisa Yee, and, of course, Jay Asher! Jay’s topic sounds fascinating and I can’t wait to see what he puts together because, as I’m sure you all can guess, there will be many laughs.

There are so many other people I can’t wait to see. I noticed that editor Julie Strauss-Gabel will be giving a four-day long workshop on revising your YA novel. Just as I was sitting there thinking, “Hmm…I think I’d like to take that class,” an email popped up from our local SCBWI listserv saying that Julie’s workshop had just filled up. D'oh! But I can’t wait to hear from people who do take the workshop—I think it’s a super idea to have intensive classes on revision. Are any of you signed up for it? Maybe I’ll be quicker on the draw next year!

And, of course, The Mermaids are busy brainstorming costume ideas for this year’s “Paint the Town Red” poolside party! Most of our brainstorming sessions consist of me and Eve saying to Jay: Nope, too difficult…too revealing…too itchy…too, wait…you want us to do what!?!?...okay, but only if you'll wear this...DEAL!!!

It should be fun! Do any of you have plans to go to the conference?

- Robin


Disco Mermaids said...

Hey Yo!
I'm going to the conference! I'm going to the conference! Oh yeah, you already know that.

Yeah, soon as I got my stuff in the mail and you and I looked through the brochure, I decided to sign up for Julie's master class...but, d'oh! It must have sold out in minutes, just like a Duran Duran concert.

On the bright side, now I get to see Jay's speech that's scheduled at the same time as Julie's class.

See you in August! I mean, I'll probably see you in five minutes...but also in August.


Katie said...

Yep- can't wait! Haven't registered yet, but today found myself writing a YA for the first time. It just slapped itself right into my head! Crazy! Parked myself at the mall and wildly wrote - so now I have to re-read the workshop choices to include some YA stuff.

oh too many choices...too many choices...

And yes indeed - already have a blazin' red hot dress ;-)

talldave said...

I'm tickled pink (or perhaps I should say tickled red) that I'll be at the conference again this year. I'm looking forward to seeing what spectacular costumes you three come up with (not to put any pressure on you) plus I'll be able to get Jay to sign my copy of 13 REASONS.

See you in three months..and you better be feeling healthy by that time, Robin!

David LaRochelle

Colorado Writer said...

Can't wait!

tammi said...

See you there. Conference junkies unite!

Want to know what I think would make a great theme?


Colorado Writer said...

Um, the Prom thing would be like totally fun! I still have one of my prom dresses from the late 80's.

cynjay said...

I'm actually thinkin' maybe. I'm hankering for a good conference and a little mermaid action. Don't know how to break it to DH though....

Jennifer Bertman said...

I can't wait! Last year was my first time at the LA conference and I'm hooked now. Jay's panel is at the top of the list of things I'm excited about.

Jodi Lyn said...

I'll be there! :) Looking forward to seeing Jay again and meeting the rest of the Mermaids!

Sarah Darer Littman said...

I'm so bummed I'm going to have to miss it AGAIN this year :-((((

I'll miss shaking my groove thang with y'all.

Joey said...

I'll be there with the latest DD record on my ipod attending all of Mark Teague's workshops.