Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pass Me a Tissue Again -- Robin

Well, it’s been ten months since this happened and you’d think I’d stop being a blubbering mess by now.

My son’s first day of kindergarten was emotional because it marked a beginning in his life, and this Thursday marks the end of that beginning…the last day of kindergarten. There’s something special about kindergarten, unlike any other grade, I suspect. First, the teachers are the most gentle souls on the earth. And second, a visit to the principal’s office is a good thing…it means they get to read him a story. How awesome.

I have to admit that this past year has been my favorite as a parent. Don’t get me wrong…two-year-olds are very cute. And six-month-olds are very, very cute (even though you’re still in a daze from all the sleep deprivation and you only remember how cute they were when you watch home videos of you feeding them strawberries for the first time and you think Is that me in that video!? I don’t remember that!).

But five-year-olds? They’re amazing. They still call you Mommy, not Mom, and they still like hugging and kissing you goodbye…no matter who sees.

And they say things so wise that you’d never expect something like that could come from a person only four-feet tall. Like the time we were driving in the car and he called out to me from the backseat and asked, “Mommy…what are you thinking about?” I know, how adorable is that!? So I told him what I was thinking about and then I thought to myself, You know…maybe I shouldn’t be explaining the problems with our country’s health care system to a person only four-feet tall.

And, of course, there was the time that my son farted really loud and then turned to our dog and said, “Samson! Jeez!!!”

Yep, he learned a lot in kindergarten.

So on his last day I plan to hug him and kiss him in front of everyone because it may be one of the last times I get to do that. And then I’ll spend the rest of my day in very close vicinity to a tissue box. Maybe two.




Katie said...

Oh Robin! I remember those days! And just get ready - because they happen again and again. I just took my girls to overnight camp where I left them for a week. It was like the first day of kindergarten all over again. And the pick up was the same.

Doctor said...

Thank you Robin - you just brought me back to the day watching Zach leave his K year so proud and little but full of "what's next?". Kindergarten was special for us a family and watching that year of exploration and growth was delicious.

The joys of watching him through each step will continue ...and so will the tissues (stock up!)


Anonymous said...

Awwwwww. So what are the problems, as you see them, with our country's health care system? And, did Luke agree? Lamy

Kelly said...

Aw, Robin :) Get ready: first grade is even sweeter. It seems they learn everything in first grade. Enjoy!

cynjay said...

Aw, pass the box over here. My oldest just had his last day of elementary school today - on to middle school in the fall. And I swore I wasn't going to cry...

MM said...

I taught middle school for five years and now I teach K-5 reading. I was terrified about teaching kindergarten. Could I be sweet enough, patient enough, and everything a kindergarten teacher should be?

I can't believe I was so worried about Kindies. I love it. I love being goofy with them and I love the fact that in Aug they don't know any letters and by May they can read. That is amazing.

Now that I've taught k-8 I can safely say that each grade is amazing in its own way.