Saturday, June 28, 2008

While the Cat’s Away…--Robin

Hi everyone! Jay is off to ALA this weekend, which means...we have the blog all to ourselves. Woohoo!!!

And you know what happens when the cat's away...the mice will play!!!

And as the next "mouse" who gets to post, and since Jay isn't around to tell me No!, I've decided to take this time to share with you some amazing photography. I feel a picture can change a world. It can change attitudes. It can change the outcome of history! (And yes, it also happens to be something I can post on the blog to entertain easily!)

Therefore, in Jay's absence, and because I know Eve will fully approve of these, I will now share for you some of my favorite photographs that have changed my view on life.

This picture changed my view on men with long hair.

And this photo changed my view on leaving the house that day. Wow. I could look at that forever.

But I'm not a deeply reflective person ALL the time. I love kitties, too!!!

Have a great weekend everyone! We miss you, Jay. For reals!!!



Katie said...

Robin, you are cracking me up!!! I am with you on number two!! yeah... um.... yeah...... I am not sure what I could legally comment :-)

Can't wait to meet you chicks in LA!

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey, Katie! Yeah...finding a picture of David Beckham that is "fit for public viewing" is a little difficult. Not that I'm complaining.


redheadedali said...

Excellent post! :)

David Beckham... *happy sigh*...

Disco Mermaids said...

This cat's got wireless, ya little mousie!

Alright, gotta go...someone I don't know just e-mailed me a cool pic of Scarlett Johansson that apparently has never been seen before!!!

- Jay

Colorado Writer said...

Um ya. #1 YUM

Caryn said...

Very nice. I agree that those photos are crucial and most definitely needed to be posted.