Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy Birth/Debate Day -- Robin

The Disco Mermaids got together the other night to celebrate two things: the vice-presidential debate and Jay’s birthday. And by the way, Jay wouldn’t admit his age in his last post, but in two years he will have lived on this planet for as long as Joe Biden has been a U.S. senator. That’s right…Jay is 76 years old.

The three of us had a good time discussing politics and eating veggie burgers from our favorite local restaurant, Sylvester’s. (What is in their sauce!? Heaven juice!?) Well, not all of us had veggie burgers. Jay had hamburger. But who could blame him? At his age, the poor guy needs all the extra iron he can get!

We thought it might be fun to play a drinking game while we watched the debate and take a drink every time Sarah Palin said “maverick,” “gosh darn,” "nuke-you-ler," or “ramp it up!” or any time Joe Biden offered specific facts. But we knew no one would be able to drive home if we did that, so we sipped our Coke Zeros with sophistication (pinkies out!) and made crude remarks to the TV screen. We’re just that classy.

And, of course, we ate cake. Lots of it. Ridiculous amounts of it. So many amounts, it was like we were celebrating the cake itself…and it deserved it. But really, it was all for you, Jay. Happy Birthday, man!

Now that we’re done celebrating, the Disco Mermaids need to get back to the business of writing books. But at least now we have a new writing mantra…

Ramp it up!!!

- Robin


Vanessa ( said...


Happy birthday Jay. :)

Under the Covers said...

Wow, that VP wannabe is downright inspirational! She's moved me to shake up my writing, get it back on the right track, do a little fixin'. Sometimes, I just ask myself what a maverick would do when a chapter is headed in the wrong direction?

Sarah Michele said...

They actually made a joke about maverick drinking games on SNL for their VP debate spoof.
Just saying.

Disco Mermaids said...

OMG! Sarah Michele, I just watched the SNL spoof. (Couldn't manage to stay up that late last night.) That's hilarious!!!

And Under the Covers, that's a great suggestion...start writing a chapter and then ask yourself "What would a Maverick do?"

Maybe we could all wear stretchy bracelets that say WWAMD?


Vivian said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jay!

Anonymous said...

Y'all are such mavericks yourselves so I can see why you identify with Sarah Barracuda. Now you just need your friends and allies to support you in your bids to spread democracy and become NYTimes Best-selling authors!