Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Okay, One More Adventure -- Jay

This past week, my wife and I watched our 10-year old niece and 7-year-old nephew. For my wife, the best parts were camping in Big Sur, swimming, boating, and watching them play their violins. For me, it was watching them discover my collection of Choose Your Own Adventure books! Those are the books that allow readers to choose what happens next from two or more options at the bottom of each page.

The entire vacation became a living Choose Your Own Adventure. “Which slide should I go down -- the blue or the red? One leads into the jaws of a giant Venus Flytrap. The other leads to a pot of gold.” “Bedtime? That’s it? But isn’t there supposed to be another choice? Hey, Uncle Jay, how about one more Choose Your Own Adventure?”

How could I say no?

- Jay


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Jen Robinson said...

Does every kid have a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book phase? I know that I did. I know that my brother did.

One of my greatest joys is introducing my nieces to books. It's so much fun! Thanks for sharing your story.

Disco Mermaids said...

Yes, seeing children excited about reading is a beautiful thing.

Each Christmas, my favorite gifts to give my niece and nephew are signed children's books. They're accumulating quite a collection!

- Jay

Lisa Yee said...

Hey, Uncle Jay, how about one more Mercedes?

Disco Mermaids said...

Actually, these kids are so globally aware, they'd probably want a Prius!

- Jay