Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Not As Cool As I Thought --Eve

I had a revelation yesterday. Actually it was forced upon me. I’m 30ish and always thought of myself as being pretty hip but apparently…wait for it…I’m not! My nephews (15 and 16) and niece (13), who are here from Vegas for Spring Break, informed me very casually, like it was no big deal. Like the joke was on me all these years.

I’m devastated. Excuse me?? When did this happen? When they were younger, I was the coolest auntie ever. I listened to rap, taught them how to surf, and bought them anything they wanted. Now, somewhere between Eminem’s rise to power and Proof’s death (rapper from D-12 who was shot last night) I became lame. Oh! And apparently “lame” isn’t a cool word anymore.

“NO one says ‘lame’,” they told me. “It’s sooo 90’s.” “Um, they say ‘lame’ on South Park all the time!” I rebutted. “HA HA HA, NO ONE watches South Park anymore either,” they said. Geez, my coolness factor is dropping by the minute.

Which brings me to my point…how can I write for teens if teens think I’m lame? Ahh, there I go again! I’ve worked with teens forever…teaching, tutoring, mentoring. I know their music, their T.V. shows, their clothes, their speech (or so I thought). I want to write funny, edgy boy books. But it’s really hard to impress the funny, edgy boys out there…unless you look like Stacy Keibler (you know, the wrestler turned “Dancing With The Stars” chick…come on people, keep up!). Problem is, I’ve been uncool since I turned 30, according to the kids. And I’m only getting older and uncooler.

Have I turned into one of those ‘older’ people who wears Juicy sweat suits a few years too long, and bumps up the 50 Cent in my SUV, thinking I’m the shiznit, while the kids are laughing at me? Now I’m terrified to show the kids my writing for fear of them telling me that it sounds like an old person trying to be cool. How do other people write for teens and get away with it?

Do I have to BE cool to write cool? Help!
Catch you later. I mean...Peace out, my peeps. I mean…goodbye. God, I’m so LAME.



//\\ ||\|| ||)) || said...

Lame is by far the coolest word in my dictionary. Besides kick-ass and douche that is.

Melinda said...

Hey Eve --

They're supposed to say you're uncool. This is because they're teens and you're not. Grown-ups are not cool.

Once when I was subbing in a high school, I was trying to get the kids to settle down so I could take roll. I said, "Yo!" Then I said, "I guess I'm not supposed to say that; I'm too old."

Don't worry, they'll appreciate you again when they get old enough to know better.

MakaveliKiD89 said...

LoL. No! NO! No!... It not that ur un cool. We were jus lettin u know the new slang for lame. If u want to be ghetto Fab u gotta keep up wit the slang. Lame is now Called Busted if something is lame we say its busted.
Ur still the tightest aunt anyone can have.
Peace Out

Anonymous said...

Eve, Sweetie, no one's laughing at you in your Jucy sweat suit, pumpin' 50 Cent on the stereo. I, however, am laughing my ass off at you saying you're "30-ish"!!!!! As we discussed today, we are getting old and, possibly, fuddy-duddyish (did using that word give away my lameness/bustedness?). BUT (there's always a big but, so let's talk about your big but) think how much fun it will be to stand outside in your housecoat yelling, "Hey you kids, get of my lawn!"?!?!?!? Love ya, Lamy (should I change my name to Bustamy?)

Miss P AKA Her Royal Cliqueness said...

Aww, see they still think you're cool.

But look, don't give yourself an anueursym trying to keep up with the slang. It's ever changing!

Make up your own. I do that sometimes in my books to avoid dating it.

Other times I use the words I hear around me from my daughter etc...

Ultimately, writing for teens goes beyond the slang they use. But you knew that already. Just giving you a reminder.

It's the demeanor, how they solve problems, how they interact and if you've captured that the rest will fall into place.