Tuesday, October 03, 2006

DiscoMermaids Are Having The BEST WEEK EVER!!


It’s been a good week for the DiscoMermaids. No, a GREAT week. It all started seven days ago when Jay showed up at my house and brought _____. Then he sat me down and said, “______called and said_________.” I said, “No _____way!!” He said, “WAY! And then she said ___ ___.” Holy crap!

The next day Jay called and woke me up at ____a.m. and said, “Dude you’re not going to ________ believe this, but ______ and ____ and then ______.” Holy crap!

Later we drove to Robin’s house and brought ____. We told her about ____ and she said, “Holy ___! You’re ______ kidding _____ oh my _____ _____ I can’t ________ you’ve got ________________________________________!”
(Robin’s got a dirty mouth problem.)

Fast forward to a few days later and…
Robin got a ________ from ________ saying, “____________.”
Then I got an e-mail from _________ saying, “____________.”
Then Jay called and said, “______________________!”
Just as I was on the phone with him, we both got e-mails from Robin saying, “_________________.” And two seconds later an e-mail from _________ over at _________ popped up for me and said, “_________!!!”
Then I got another e-mail from my friend ______, who just got a book deal with ________, and her _______ wants to talk to me about my _________! So I e-mailed him immediately.

Oh, it doesn’t end there. Robin left a message this morning saying, “________ call Jay right ______ now!!!” So I did and he said, “___________________________, dude.”

So, Robin and Jay are headed to my house in a few hours so we can ___________ and discuss how ___________ and when ________ and who should __________ and then we’ll ________________. And, of course there will be lots of pizza and _________ and maybe some _________.

Disco Mermaids are having the BEST WEEK EVER!



Anonymous said...

YAY! Nobody deserves ___________ more than the three of you!


Anonymous said...

Holy __________! Can it get any better? I think it can. . . Anyways, you better call me about _______ or I'll ________ you in the _________.

Debby G. said...

You ________!

Stop the ________ teasing or I'll _________!

Anonymous said...

What the______? When is ___ ________?
Because we, your fans_______ deserve to know!
So we can eat______and drink________and celebrate with you!!!
: )


SilberBook-Blog said...

Wow! Whatever it is - I can't wait to hear about it!


Lisa Yee said...


Disco Mermaids said...

Lisa, come on. Was that really necessary?

- Jay

Mitali Perkins said...

Sorry, but I have an irrational desire to fill in the blanks with racy Bengali (my mother tongue) words.

Gregory K. said...

If ______ ________ then I'll ________ ________. But only with ______ and _______!

Anne Marie said...

I'm so ________ about this! Can't wait till you ________ the ___________ for us!