Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Writer’s Day Love Fest—Robin

I’m so happy to be a part of our local writing community here on the Central Coast. And once again, this group of writers proved themselves to be the coolest people ever.

Yesterday, Jay, Eve and I went to the SCBWI Writer’s Day in Thousand Oaks. Jay was showered with hugs and kisses from everyone in our region who had heard the good news. And Eve and me? Well, we were showered, too! (Minus a few kisses from the gals.) They knew that Jay’s success was just as special to Eve and me, and that it was special to our whole group of writers. (And writers everywhere for that matter!)

Once we wiped all the lipstick from Jay’s forehead, we were actually able to sit down and concentrate on the speakers. (If you ignore the five minutes that Eve and I came down with an attack of the giggles and we hid our heads in our hands until we could act like the adults we are…or may become someday.)

The editors were great, the authors were great (go GREG TRINE!) and JODY FICKES SHAPIRO—oh my god, if you’ve never heard her speak, you’re life is not complete.

Our regional advisor, ALEXIS O'NEILL, predicted at the beginning that everyone in the room would go away with one new insight into their writing. For me, I realized that my writing cannot be done in a vacuum. I need all of these people to make it happen.

Just to make this lovely day even lovelier, we celebrated with sushi and dear friends. Except I must apologize to Jay for forcing him to take his first sip of sake. (I hope your esophagus is healing nicely!)

During dinner, our friend TINA NICHOLS COURY (who is working on her first picture book with a fabulous editor at Dutton!) reinforced my new insight by saying, “In what other profession could you find such a huge support from people who genuinely care that you succeed!?” I agree! Cheers, Tina! (And don’t I owe you some money?)

On the ride home, Jay, Eve and I decided we would NOT talk about writing. We would just focus on politics and religion and the poor state of health care in our country. I wish I could say that lasted 5 minutes, but it didn’t. We were talking about how much we love this group of writers within 60 seconds.

Cheers, everyone!



Tina - The Jaded Showgirl said...

That was some Champagne wishes and caviar dreams of a Writer’s Day. Can you die from too much Joy? To see Greg Trine and Barbara Bietz as speakers with their first books that we all workshop with them for years, was thrilling and emotional.

Alexis, as usual is the Michael Angelo of RAs. She has provided a setting of accessibility to editors, cutting edge workshops and speakers. We truly are living in a Renaissance of children’s literature out here in Central California.

This was the first year in 8 that I didn’t enter the contests. The last two years I won only because Jay hadn’t entered in my categories. But I was happy to see some of my buddies, who have been toiling at their craft for years, win. On the editor’s panel by luck, my middle grade first page was one of ten chosen and read. I was so happy that the audience laughed in all the right places. My writers group is so sick of hearing it they haven’t laughed in years.

But Jay’s congratulation sushi sake dinner made the day. With all the Discomermaids, Thalia, Angela and Yuki we toasted contracts, dished about editors and agents and savored the moment for all of us. After the bill was paid no one wanted to leave, even thought Eve, Jay and Robin had a two hour drive in front of them. We had crossed over to the published side. It would never be the first time again for many of us on that table. The party spilled outside into the parking lot as we slowly pulled ourselves away. We hugged again and again good-bye, the good cheer felt by all.

Consider the tip money a small donation to the party.

Our region rocks,

Tina, The Jaded Showgirl

Disco Mermaids said...

Seriously, there is no way that was sake. Lighter fluid, probably. Rubbing alcohol, maybe. That was the nastiest stuff I've ever put in my mouth. And I'm glad you had so much fun laughing at the contorted faces the stuff gave me.

But I love ya anyway!

- Jay

Tina - The Jaded Showgirl said...

Well Jay, when the book is published I guess no Cristal for you.

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, I LIKE being named Anonymous. I could make it Anonymous Priest, just to set some spines tingling. Never use your own name, it's so, um, USUAL.

What was I doing here?

Yes! I was agreeing completely with the love and general fuzziness that comes with Writer's Day, friendship, and one or two very tiny cups of sake. Or three. Okay, or four. But not more than seven.

It was indeed fantastic to sit and toast wonderful news and just plain being us.

Which is worth more than the sake.

Love you guys!