Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Take A Walk On The Juvenile Side! -Eve

I recently crashed my sister’s 20-year high school reunion with her. I, of course, won’t be headed to my reunion for 8 more years, but I wanted to reminisce about the glory days and get some good high school dirt for, you know, “research” purposes for my new YA book.

Turns out, it was fabulous! In terms of “research” I mean. You know how you always hear that people change and grow a lot after high school? Well, I’m here to tell you…it ain’t so! Nope. People pretty much don’t change a bit. I mean, yeah, some girls had plastic surgery and some guys were bald, but no one seemed to have done much growing over the years. Beyond physically, I mean.

The partiers were still partiers. The uncool kids were still trying mightily to be cool. The potheads were still potheads. The good-looking, charming drug dealer was still….well, you get the picture. My sister and her girlfriends were still the smart, hot, athletic chicks who are completely untouchable because they’re so perfect. I was still the immature little sister tagging along with the “older” crowd trying desperately to be, um, “older.” Although, now I’m so happy to be younger ‘cause, well, they’re in their late 30’s and I’m, well, YOUNGER!

It was the perfect little “research” experience. As we told story after story about the good old days, I realized that nothing’s changed much with the world in 20 years. I mean, aside from a few hair plugs and some of the girls resembling contestants on “THE SWAN”, our stories were the same as those of teens today. Every teen book and movie still explores the requisite teen angst milestones of first romance, first car, first car crash, alcohol and drug experimentation, maybe sex, maybe not, etc.

To me, there is something so special about the teen experience. It’s the best of times. It’s the worst of times. (Best first line of a book, ever! Thanks, Charles Dickens!) And I find that the older I get, the more nostalgic I get for those times. Jay and I recently laughed about the fact that we’re well equipped to write YA books because we have the perfect combination of wisdom and experience of 30-year-olds and the emotional maturity of 16-year-olds. Well, Jay and Robin are about 16. I’m still hovering around 13. If you don’t believe me, just hang out with the three of us for about 5 minutes!!

My friend KT and I (Hi KT!!) recently laughed about the fact that we both suffer from “Peter Pan Syndrome” (Look it up! It’s a real affliction in the DSM-III). I’m immature. There, I said it. But, luckily I’ve found the one job in the world that not only allows me to be immature, but actually CELEBRATES my emotional maturity level. I know you’re looking for a career change, KT…so I suggest you come on over and take a walk on the JUVENILE SIDE!



Disco Mermaids said...

I'm glad to be taking this walk on the juvenile side with you! I knew that being silly, immature and downright goofy would pay off for me one day.
However, I am pretty good at math and for some reason the "eight years until your reunion" just isn't adding up for me.
Maybe living in the mind of a teen means we're good exaggerators, too!?
Just sayin',

Lisa Yee said...

Um . . . my kids think I am immature. Just because I've started blowing up Peeps again.

Here's my lastest Peep Battle . . .

I prefer to think of myself as youthful.

Anonymous said...

O.k., lots of stuff to address here: first of all, Eve did not crash my reunion (it was really my 10th, not 20th). She was formally invited as my date because my husband wasn't real excited about traveling across the country to watch my purse while I mingled and danced. Anyways, for anyone who has ever met Eve in person, do you really believe that she was the "nerdy little sister, tagging along"? Let's try the most sought-after girl there, even without radical plastic surgery, just a hot dress and a little makeup. Boy, was I sick of hearing, "Amy, your sister's hot! I mean, not that you're not attractive, but. . ." No lie, someone said that to me. Next, the charming drug dealer is now actually a cop, so, that was totally embellished!!!! Bottom line though is that despite the exaggerations, Eve, you're right. People fundamentally remain the same. That means you are still the funny, sweet, creative, beautiful, awesome person you were at 13. And I know that will translate into many (published) stories in the future. Love ya, mean it, Lamy

Disco Mermaids said...

I want you for my sister! How awesome are you!? Waaaahhhh!


Disco Mermaids said...

Yo, Ro-Mo,

Are you talking to Amy or me? Which one do you want to be your sister?

Yes, I do have the best sister in the world...even if she does make stuff up to make me look cool.

And, Amy, the "charming drug dealer" was STILL dealing the bathroom of the Ramada Inn, or wherever we were. Not to me, but someone bought a little somp'n somp'n from him. No lie!

And, no one said I was "hot" except maybe me...cause I always think I'm smokin'!

Glad we cleared that up. And, Lisa, I agree. We are youthful silly-hearts...nothing wrong with that. LOVE blowing up Peeps. In fact, I'm going to go blast some right now.