Thursday, October 12, 2006

When I Told My Parents -- Jay

My mom works nights at a nursing center. She often doesn’t wake up till the sun’s gone down and my dad is very protective of her sleep. But…I was gonna wake this mutha up!

My dad tried to stop us. “Don’t go in there,” he said. “Trust me, Dad. It’s okay.” “Your mother is sleeping. She works tonight.” “She’ll want to be woken up for this.” My dad looked down at the bouquet of flowers in my hand and slowly arched an eyebrow. I nodded for him to follow and he didn’t say another word.

(FLOWER FUN FACT: I originally wanted my wife to hold the bouquet so they wouldn’t immediately think of my book. But my wife is much smarter than I am. “What do you think will pop into their heads if I’m the one holding the flowers?” Yep, that’s right…baby! So I kept the flowers with me.)

I cracked open the door and whispered, “Mom?” She asked, “Urugunatimeizit?” “I’m gonna turn on the lights,” I told her. The lights came on and my mom propped a pillow behind her back. “What is it?”

I handed her the flowers, plucked the tiny card from its holder, and asked my dad to read it. He read it to himself, gazed over his glasses, and asked, “Did you sell your book?” My mom looked up at me with eyes begging me not to continue any further if this was all a joke. Lines of tears were already forming below each eye, waiting for the only answer that would let them fall.

I took a deep breath, nodded, and my wife started taking pictures.

My dad shook my hand, which turned into a hug. My mom rocketed out of bed and called her sister. “Sher, guess what!”

The rest of that night was spent calling grandparents and friends and…

What? Oh, you thought I forgot about telling Robin? What kind of a friend do you think I am? It was one of the biggest nights of my life and Robin happened to be camping three hours away with her family (now who’s the best friend!). Sure, I could’ve tried calling her to tell her over the phone. But as you now know, these things are much more fun in person.

Plus, the pictures turn out better!

- Jay

Tomorrow…When I Told Robin


Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the "When I told...." baby series! Congrats on your book sale - I'm sure Eve and Robin are next up.

A Proud Father said...

You can read my Congrats in "Break On Through". My wife will be home in awhile as she works as an RN in a skilled nursing facility. Hope she likes her PJ picture! HAHA!
My bad side was captured, though all sides are bad--so what can you expect.
Congrats again Jay, you deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Good to know your mom doesn't sleep in her running clothes! ;) Big congrats, again!!


Lisa Yee said...

I'll bet your mom wasn't able to get back to sleep!

Can't wait to read the Robin chapter.

(Your wife is very smart.)

One proud mother (maybe one day a proud grandmother) said...

Yes Jay,the first thing I thought was "baby." Only for a second though. Your fantastic news was worth being woken up for. Actually, I hadn't fallen asleep yet (and, of course, I couldn't sleep after that). I know how long you've wanted this. I think you're an amazing writer, but I also know that just because you're a good writer doesn't mean you'll find a publisher who is excited about what you've written. I have a lot of admiration for you and all writers who share your dream of one day selling a book...the passion for your writing and perseverence despite those rejections along the way. And it's nice to see the way you writers support each other.
Now about your taking my picture while in my thermal nightgown. Wish I had a picture of you when you were a toddler/preschooler wearing your pajamas to PJ storytime at the library...could that have been where this all began.

Anonymous said... proud mom and dad.

Dear Proud mom,
thank you for the lovely words for all the
: )

Debby G. said...

Very sweet!

Hey, wait. I thought writers were supposed to have lousy childhoods and no friends and type one-handed while chugging vodka in the other.

Show the true pictures, Jay! Let's see you informing your drug dealer and your probation officer and your mistress and your fellow gangmembers. Hmmph!