Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bon Voyage! -Robin

Items to pack for my Disco Mermaid Writing Retreat:

- laptop…check
- power cord…check
- thesaurus…check
- iPod and headphones…check
- miniature Reese’s…check
- folded up picture of Orlando Bloom ripped from People magazine…check
- unreal expectations…check
- fear of the unknown…check
- lack of confidence in my ability to actually finish this novel… double check
- toothpaste…crap

Did I forget anything? Oh, that’s right. Beer.

We’re definitely going to have a productive weekend full of writing and writing only. What? Quit looking at us like that!

Tune back in later this weekend for updates/pictures/incoherent babbling on how we’re “getting along,” and by that I mean “if we’re still speaking to each other.” Which, of course, we will be. Our problem is that we talk to each other TOO much. Maybe some uncomfortable silence will do us some good. In fact, I think things might get VERY tense. Eve made me promise to bring her some toothpaste, and I really CAN’T find it. (Crap!)

Check in on us soon. And wish us luck. WE NEED IT!


1 comment:

Disco Mermaids said...

WOO-HOO! We're on the road, mates! (said in Robin's British accent)

laptop, check
cord and extra battery, check
"Good Luck" rubber dinosaur that I stole from Robin's 4-year-old, check
beer, check
wine, check
camera, check
swimsuit, check
snorkel equipment, check
People Magazine (in case we need an extra pic of Orlando Bloom!), check
Wait...What kind of retreat are we packing for?? I missed the memo that this was a "work" retreat. Sorry!