Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Finding DiscoLand #4

“Seek and ye shall find…something TOTALLY different than what you were looking for.”

Such is the case for those who typed the following words into search engines and discovered us. The Disco Mermaids!

- how do mermaids go to the bathroom -
(it's not as complicated as it sounds...although one of us consistently forgets to put the seat down)

- I need to borrow your panties for five minutes -
(not that we're selfish, but first you need to explain why you only need them for five minutes)

- pomegranate benefits related to carpal tunnel -
(see, we also serve your medical needs...)

- Mayim Bialik overdose -
(...as well as celebrity gossip -- say it ain't so, Blossom)

- Robin smelled me -

- pulled my tampon -

- mermaids gone wild -
(this pic should not be viewed with children in the room -- notice how she combined two of our looks into one?)

- Johnny Tremain low level reading -
(you've gotta be kidding, right?)


Disco Mermaids said...

And you smelled goooooood!

- Robin

Lizzy said...