Wednesday, January 10, 2007

LOVE Is In The Air --Eve

It's not even Valentine's Day yet, but Jay, Robin and I are all about LOVE this month. All our main characters seem to be unexpectedly falling head over heels right now. Whether it's first crush, true LOVE, or being in LOVE with the idea of being in LOVE, the three of us seem to be discussing the topic a lot lately.

And I'm LOVING the fact that we're all completely in sync right now because we're all under some form of deadline. Jay's new book outline is due in a few weeks. Robin received revision suggestions from a dream editor, so Jay and I are literally combing through Robin's changes as we speak so she can send it on ASAP!

And me? While my agent (LOVE saying that!) shops around my first book, I am busy at work on my YA Romance. Let me rephrase: I'm obsessively IN LOVE with my YA Romance. Is it strange that I've got scenes, characters, dialogue running through my head constantly? I'm a total freak! While I sleep, eat, shower, run, watch a movie, drive, hang out at a concert… no matter where I am, I've got this LOVE on the brain. And although I had the entire story outlined in my head within the first few days of writing it, my characters often surprise me and throw in plot twists that hadn't entered my mind before.

Late last night I received my first real professional revision suggestions from my wonderful agent. Woo-Hoo! And…whew!! I'm going through the same thing Robin went through last week. The whole, “Why didn't I think of that? Of course! That suggestion makes so much sense.” I think part of the reason we as writers don't see the obvious sometimes in our writing is that we fall completely IN LOVE with our words and the worlds we've created. For example, I've spent the last four days consumed with the idea of changing my “perfect” ending. Beautiful as it was, it just didn't have enough punch. When a totally unexpected “WOW” ending was suggested, I freaked out because it totally digressed from my original plan. But, damn, it makes for a powerful ending!

After a few days of therapy with Jay and Robin (and a lot of café mochas and cookies), I realized that I was so opposed to the new ending idea because it brings harm to the one character I had fallen completely IN LOVE with! But sometimes LOVE means having to let go and do the right thing. Ahh, LOVE……

Thanks for all the help.
LOVE you DiscoMermaids!



Anonymous said...

I LOVE that you guys LOVE each other so much! Just discovered your blog and I LOVE it too. Good luck with your books.

Holly :)

Laura said...

Just wanted to send a shout out to you about getting an agent! Congrats! SO happy for you. I love your voice and can't wait to see you in print soon:)

The retreat you all are planning sounds fabulous. Have a great time. Here's to warmer weather and mucho inspiration coming your way:)

Still working on Wanda and Winnemucca and two other novels. I'm a little, well...scattered? But happy, if a bit sleep deprived. LA Times is crazy lately. I'm hanging on for the roller coaster ride. But in the end it's all about storytelling and it's nice that my day job is all about working on stories too.

Take care. Always great to see you. Sorry I didn't have more time to chat at the Writer's Day in TO. Couldn't stay for the whole thing, had to get back to the newsroom.