Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Point, Click,...Ooooooh! -- Jay

As part of their bid to acquire Thirteen Reasons Why, Razorbill submitted a 13-point marketing plan. To muddy up a quote from Jerry Maguire: You had me at Point One.

1. Interactive website and working phone numbers
The interactive website will give readers a taste of the journey
that Hannah Baker sends Clay Jensen on, as well as contain
additional material that will deepen the stories of Hannah and Clay.

On Monday, my editor and I began brainstorming ideas for the site. And by the time we hung up, I was freaking out. This is going to be an exhilarating project…and fitting with the atmosphere of the book, oh so very creepy. Gimme an R! Gimme an A! Gimme a Z! Gimme an O! (Oh, you know the rest…)

Quick Book Summary: Clay Jensen comes home from school to find a shoebox leaning against his front door. Inside are seven audiotapes. When he presses Play on the first tape, out comes the voice of Hannah Baker, a girl who committed suicide two weeks earlier. She promises to tell thirteen stories about people who moved her toward that decision. And if you received the shoebox…your name is on the tapes.

Here are some early ideas for the website:

  • It features the contents of Hannah's locker, untouched since the tragedy.
  • When you open the locker, taped to the door is an eerie photograph mentioned in the book.
  • Tucked beneath the photo is a scrap of paper with Hannah’s new cellphone number. If you dial the number, you'll hear Hannah’s voicemail. Do you dare leave a message?
  • If you click the Chamber of Commerce map, it will unfold and you’ll see ads for businesses mentioned in the book, including the shoe store owned by Hannah’s parents. If you call that number, you’ll find out that they’re closed temporarily due to a family emergency.
  • You’ll be able to read the entire Freshman Class: Who’s Hot/Who’s Not list…and read what Hannah scribbled in the margins.
  • And then, of course, there will be an audiotape--one you can actually listen to. Will it be an excerpt from Cassette 1: Side A? Mmmmmaybe. Or maybe it’ll be an excerpt from the Fourteenth Reason Why...a recording Hannah chose not to include. Hmm
I guess I’m not done with this story after all!

- Jay


Kelly Fineman said...

Wow -- that marketing plan makes Kathy's Book look like child's play. Way to go!

tammi said...


I am blown away by this coolness!

Disco Mermaids said...

Dude, I know I say this several times a day, but YOU'RE SO COOL. Kick-ass book, kick-ass editor, kick-ass website...I want to be you in my next life.

So proud and happy for you! I feel like it's my own book getting out there. Just remember to never forget your "roots" when you blow up. (Robin and I are the "roots" in case you forgot us already.)


Disco Mermaids said...

Kelly and Tammi, thanks! I can't wait to hear what you think of the final product. It should be pretty cool. I feel so lucky to have an editor who gets as excited about these things as I do.

And Evie, Evie, Evie. Kick-ass editor? Absolutely! Kick-ass website? It's gonna be! Kick-ass book? Only cuz you and Robin are two of the kick-assiest critiquers around. Seriously, after the book comes out, I should do a 13-part post about all the ways y'all improved it.

- Jay

Disco Mermaids said...

Evie, why do you always point out the fact that I have "roots?" I'll go get 'em touched up...jeez!

And Jay, I think they should put YOUR phone number on the website. That way we can call you up and say, "You, and your editor, and your roots kick-ass, Jay!"


Gregory K. said...

Wicked cool, Jay. Can't wait to see the site. I think you can turn this into a money maker, too, if you sell off the phone rights. I mean, I know a lot of writers who would pay a lot if that was, say, an editor's phone number. Or maybe you make folks pay NOT to list theirs? I'm just saying....

BTW, that wasn't really my cell phone number you called me at. Honest. I'd borrowed it. Really.

Nancy said...

Oh my god, that sounds incredible. I love the book already, and I'll definitely be checking out the site.

Marcia said...

I think I just read brilliance. I loved your ideas even without knowing about the book -- Now to backtrack and find out about the book, etc. (Stopped by via Gregory K's.)

tem2 said...

Wow, that's cool. Can't wait to see the site!