Thursday, February 01, 2007

Stamp of Approval -- Jay

After my agent called to let me know I sold my first book, one event stands out as the most exciting. Last Friday, Chris Crutcher gave my novel a wonderful blurb! That should classify as one of those 'Nuff Said moments, but let me explain its significance:

I heard Mr. Crutcher speak at my first L.A. SCBWI conference in 2000. I wasn't interested in teen literature at the time, but he was an amazing speaker so I bought Stotan! simply to get his autograph...but then I read it. I now consider Stotan! my gateway YA.

Soon after I began writing Thirteen Reasons Why, I noticed a brand new contest called the Write-It-Now Competition. And who was slated to judge the YA category? That's right, Chris Crutcher. So I entered, hoping my entry would make it far enough to pass before his eyes. And it did. In fact, he gave it the top prize!

That award was based on the first ten pages and a synopsis. A few years later, after I finished and sold the manuscript, my editor asked if I knew any authors who might offer me a blurb. I told her about this manuscript's connection with Mr. Crutcher and she asked if I knew how to contact him. I did, via the wonderful author and person (as well as Mr. Crutcher's assistant) Kelly Milner Halls.

Drumroll, please...

Very clever premise, strong voice, perfect suspense.
This one will keep you reading. Jay Asher is a fine storyteller.

Okay, gotta go. I'm getting all choked up again.

- Jay

P.S. The stamp at the beginning of this post is from the upper right-hand corner of the contract I just received...along with my first check. So yes, it's been an amazing week!


Anonymous said...

I love when good things happen for good people!
great news!
all well deserved Jay!


(the clay lady)

Lisa Yee said...

Ooooh, you are so fine!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting verklempt. Seriously. Lamy

Disco Mermaids said...

All that, AND you survived your first spinning class. It's been a Kick-Ash week in the Asher household!!

So proud of you, yo! Can I get a Huh-Huh??


Disco Mermaids said...

He actually SURVIVED his spinning class? Why wasn't I told of this!?


Disco Mermaids said...

Cuz Eve was guessing...and she's lucky.

Who the hell thought sixty minutes of pedaling a bike that's not going anywhere to super-fast music while constantly cranking up the tension was a good idea? And what the hell was I thinking!?!? Oh yeah, I was trying to prove to my wife that I'm just as tough as she is.

As it turns out...she's a lot tougher than me. But at least I'm man enough to admit it!

- Jay

P.S. After learning I'm such a spinning wuss, Chris can't take back his blurb, can he?

Anonymous said...

Jay, I, too, hate spinning. Did your class smell like sweat and the instructor kept making you bounce up and down? WTF is that all about? It also amazes me that even if you're a good cyclist, it doesn't necessarily translate to spinning. Give me a nice day - even a not-so-nice day - and a real bike anytime. Anyways, good job on all of it. Later, Lamy

Disco Mermaids said...

Lamy, to answer your question: no!

(Are you sure you were taking a spinning class?)

- Jay

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Maybe it was some hygenically-challenged (is that a word?) orgy instead of spinning. I'll check the schedule better next time. Lamy