Sunday, March 25, 2007

Disco Drama

You are about to take a brief detour
into the inner workings of the Disco Mermaids.

Mermaid 1 and Mermaid 2 are always bickering about something. But Mermaids 2 and 3? Never! Or so we thought. But then…it happened.

Of course, we knew we had to share it with you!

As you're aware, writing is a very personal experience. When you’re not feeling confident about your writing, even the tiniest sideways comment can be taken…you know…personally. And that’s what Mermaid 2 did to Mermaid 3 regarding something written on this blog. Then Mermaid 3 snapped at Mermaid 2. Late night e-mails went flying back and forth until they both logged off and went to bed in a tizzy.

The next day, Mermaid 1 innocently answered a phone call from Mermaid 3...who wanted to discuss Mermaid 2. Mermaid 1 responded that maybe Mermaid 3 should apologize for snapping. At that moment, Mermaid 3 received an e-mail from Mermaid 2...apologizing for pushing Mermaid 3’s buttons. And Mermaid 3 apologized right back.


Mermaid 1 breathed a sigh of relief. Mermaid 3 commented on how easy it was to snap at Mermaid 2, probably because we all share the same dream and understand each other at such a deep level.

Mermaid 1: It’s like we’re a married couple.

Mermaid 3: Right. Except there’s three of us.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled blog post.


Disco Mermaids said...

Am I Mermaid 1 or 3?
Cuz sometimes I feel like Mermaid 2.


Gregory K. said...

I want to put in an application to be Mermaid 4, mostly cuz I'd like more opportunities to bicker with you all. Also, number four gets the joys of membership without the pressure associated with being one of the titular figures in the Three Disco Mermaid's saga. Until the cheesy sequel blog, of course....

Disco Mermaids said...

Aloha!! DM #3 here. Or am I #2? Not sure. Having a blast here on Hawaii with my parents, nephew and sister. It's a family trip. How could I say "No"??

HI GREG! Funny you should mention that because I did a post on finding a fourth mermaid that I found quite amusing (that the other two did not find as amusing, so it was nixed), so maybe you'll be initiated by summer know you want to sport fishnets and a boustier with us at the L.A. Conference!

Miss you Musketeers. You complete me.


Gregory K. said...

The great thing about being the fourth Mermaid, I would think, is that you simply help the primary three get ready for fishnet events by offering support AND by working the crowd into a frenzy on the Mermaids' behalf. Maybe I should go for "Fifth Mermaid" and just play keyboards on some of your later albums?

Don Tate II said...

How 'bout a black male mermaid in a blonde wig. I can argue with the best of em.

Tim said...

I imagine you need to set up a schedule so you can rotate which number Mermaid you are. If you switch once a month each of you can be the #1 Mermaid four times a year! That position should also come with a big foam fin (like this but different) with "I'm #1" on it.

Disco Mermaids said...

Interesting ideas, everyone. Maybe we should combine them and have a rotating 4th mermaid. Sort of an honorary designation that comes with all the perks, but for a limited time.


- Jay

P.S. Thanks for bringing the word "titular" to our blog, Greg.

Disco Mermaids said...

Do you think Greg would have used the word "titular" if this were an all-male blog?

Just sayin',

P.S. We miss you Evie!!!

alvina said...

You could have a reality show! Instead of finding the next pussycat doll, you could have show about finding the fourth Disco Mermaid!

I'm glad you all worked it out. :)