Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shh! Listen... -- Jay

October 18, 2007...the book!

October 23, 2007...the audiobook!

It's official. Listening Library will be publishing the audiobook of Thirteen Reasons Why, and I am absolutely beyond thrilled. When I first came up with the concept for this book (check out my page at the Class of 2k7 for a brief description), I knew it would make a unique audio project . In fact, there are a few lines in the book that I added purely because I wanted to hear them come out of an actor's mouth.

There will be two narrators, one male and one female, telling the stories of Clay and Hannah. Hannah's voice will be altered slightly to sound like it's coming through the headphones of a cassette player. While most audiobooks don't have sound effects, they will be used very sparingly here...such as when Clay mentions he hears a car approaching on Hannah's tape.

Here is a brief excerpt from the beginning of Cassette 2: Side B, with Hannah's recorded voice in italics. Clay is sitting in a busy coffee shop as he listens to the tape.
- - - - -
Shh!…if you’re talking in the library.

Her voice, it’s a whisper.

Shh!…in a movie theater or church.

I listen closer.

Sometimes there’s no one around to tell you to be quiet…to be very, very quiet. Sometimes you need to be quiet when you’re all alone. Like me, right now.


At the crowded tables that fill the rest of the room, people talk. But the only words I understand are Hannah’s. The other words become a muffled background noise occasionally tipped by a sharp laugh.

For example, you’d better be quiet—-extremely quiet—-if you’re going to be...


Steph said...

OH! How very exciting (and I imagine a bit surreal). All these good thing- all so well deserved! *grin*

Steph said...

AND all of it coming to life and taking on a life of its own! imagine all of the people who will read/hear your work and it will become part of their experience.

Debby G. said...

How cool! What a wild ride you're on!

LindaBudz said...

Ah, way to end on a hook, Jay!

Now I don't know whether to buy the book or wait until it comes out on tape. Seems like that'll be very cool. Heck, maybe I'll wait until they make the movie!

Which reminds me ... where is that darn ARC contest? I don't think I can wait for any of it!

Disco Mermaids said...

Hey Linda, I have an idea. You should buy both and then read along with the audio!

- Jay

LindaBudz said...

Hmm, I bow to your marketing genius.

Actually, it's kind of funny you say that. I actually do read at the speed of listening ... meaning, I read at the same speed as if I were reading everything out loud. I kind of have to hear it in my head.

It's frustrating sometimes, cuz it means I'm a REALLY slow reader and can't get to all the books I want to read, but I can't help it. The upside is, it has made me a good proofreader, and my crit groups tell me my pacing is good.

Anyway, I was just kidding about waiting. Yours is one book I plan to have on pre-order, and I'm gonna clear my calendar the day it comes in!

Sunday Scribblings said...
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Laini Taylor said...

Great news, Jay! Congratulations! Sounds like the book lends itself really well to audio -- you must be so excited. Yay!