Friday, March 30, 2007


Quick: Order your Newbery Jewels merchandise today! Several well-known authors and librarians have already ordered theirs. Don't be the only one at your next library/writing conference without one. On Thursday, the three of us received our shirts...and they look fabulous!

Quick!: The next issue of the Class of 2k7 quarterly eZine is almost ready for delivery. Subscribe now to find out about some upcoming middle-grade and YA debuts that'll be flying off the shelves very soon.

QUICK!: Check back this Sunday for an April Fools Day salute to monsters. (Actually, this QUICK! is more for the hopes that we get it ready in time.)

1 comment:

cynjay said...

I can't wait to get my dark v neck shirt and tote bag that I will proudly carry with me every time I go to the library! Too very cool!