Monday, April 09, 2007

Aloha and Mahalo and Aloha! --Eve

Although most of you probably didn't even notice my 2+ week departure, I did in fact just return from sixteen days of Hawaiian Island hopping with my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nephew, and feel like I've been under a lava rock forever. In an effort to completely relax and have quality family time I ignored newspapers, TV, email and phone messages. My secondary goal was to synthesize all my MG book revisions (YES, I'm still revising the same book) in my head (or out loud to anyone who would listen) so that all the connections make sense. I'm weaving in new themes, allegories, metaphors, (acronyms, logarithms, onomatopoeias and Lord knows what other big word things I can't define that I've thrown in there!) and needed some brain marinating time. So, between swimming, eating pineapple, hiking, eating papaya, exploring, and eating coconuts I managed to learn a ton about the revision process.

I'm taking the opportunity to throw out a huge MAHALO holler to everyone who helped make this such a fruitful (No pun intended. Okay, pun intended.) trip.


AMY for listening patiently to my constant babbling about plot details, character quirks, and theme relationships when all you wanted to do was quietly develop your Coppertone tan.

KERILL and DON for teaching me “The Hero's Journey” and for the book and video on how to write it well. (How lucky am I to have two good friends in Hawaii who just happen to be writing and literature experts??)

MOM and DAD for listening to my constant babbling about how hard it is to get a book published, and for watching the entire “Hero's Journey” video with me…even though it has no relevance to your lives, whatsoever. Although, maybe it does…did you ever know that YOU'RE my heros?? (Cue Bette Midler…sniff!)

J.B. (my seven-year-old nephew) for reminding me that children's books are fun, and writing them should be fun too.

TRI (bro-in-law) for keeping me laughing. I find it's the best cure for writer's block.

NANCY (homicide investigator…long story, don't ask) for hanging out with me in Waikiki (listening to my constant babbling about my book) and answering my millions of childish questions about what you do for a living…fascinating! (Her line of work is actually quite pertinent to my book…plus it's like watching a good movie. For free!)

RANDOM HOTEL POOL BOY for listening to my constant babbling about my book, how much I know about the hero's journey, all the workings of homicide investigation, and how tan my sister is.




Anonymous said...

I would listen to you babble about whatever it is you babble about anytime, so long as it involves someone bringing me drinks and getting a tan (we can leave out the homicide investigation part next time)!!!! Lamy

Laini Taylor said...

What? No pictures of Hawaii to make us jealous? Jealous-er? Sigh. I have been dreaming of a warm beach and that luxurious lazy feeling of straggling back from the beach in a sun dress, with sandy feet! Glad you had a good time!

Disco Mermaids said...

You must've been talking to that pool boy for a long time about how tan your sister is...cuz you, Evie, are one tan lady.

- Jay

Emily Jiang said...

Welcome back to CA, Eve. Way to combine writing with vacation! I definitely recommend revising long as you make sure you get your changes on paper. :D

Disco Mermaids said...

Yes, thank you, Emily. I seem to have forgotten to actually BRING paper with me, so hopefully my sister remembers all that I babbled about. If not, I can always track down that pool boy!

Hi Laini! No pics for you. The only ones I took were of my parents smiling at various restaurants or my nephew with various parrots, which I'd be happy to show you. But no one in blogland needs to see the scary ones of me sprawled out on the beach. I may want to run for office one day, and these could be used against me. They're not inappropriate, just very unattractive!


Steph said...

Aloha! 16 days to relax in a tropical paradise?! I'm totally jelous! But happy to hear that it was you having this very fabulous time.