Wednesday, April 11, 2007

He is Relaxin', Indeed -- Jay

My wife was staying with her sister in Santa Cruz last weekend. Since we didn’t know if we’d see each other on Easter, we didn’t color any eggs. At the last minute, we decided to all meet up in Big Sur on Sunday morning to spend the day hiking and hunting.

Hunting Easter eggs, that is.

I told them I would bring some plastic eggs with me, but by 9 o’clock Saturday evening there wasn’t a single store with anything more than rabbit Pez dispensers. By 10 o’clock, I was back home doing things the old fashioned way...boiling eggs and dipping them in dye. Then I woke up at 6, drove three hours north, and had an awesome Easter Sunday.

By the time we met, we'd missed the only church service in town, so we went to the spot we’d originally wanted to get married. It’s an outdoor chapel featuring nothing but a dozen basic wooden benches facing a stone and wood altar and a large wooden cross overlooking the creek. A few other people (visiting from Sevier County, Tennessee) had the same idea as us. After talking for several minutes, I learned that the middle-aged couple purchased their first home in Arcadia, California...which is where I lived till I was thirteen! In fact, we all lived there at the same time.

Small world.

My wife, my sissie-in-law, and I then hiked to the top of Buzzard’s Roost. We had lunch at the Big Sur River Inn, relaxed by the water, then I hid Easter eggs for them...

Then it was their turn to hide Easter eggs for me...

Finally, my wife said something she’d been holding in all day. “You seem much more relaxed than you have in months.”

It was true. With no way to check my e-mail, work on my second book, and very limited cellphone reception (though I was able to welcome Eve back from Hawaii), it was hard to do anything but simply reeeeelaaaaax. And it felt refreshingly wonderful.

But don’t worry...I’m back.

- Jay

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SilberBook-Blog said...

nothin' like bad cell reseption to recharge the batteries... and bravo for the 'old fashioned' dye job on the eggs.

P.Rabbit would be proud.


patrizia said...

HI Jay,

I'm trying to find a way to contact you to set up an online chat with a highschool class. I couldn't find an email address for you.

I'll try to contact you via the contact form at the class of y2k7. Please keep an eye out for it.

Thank you!


Disco Mermaids said...

When Blogger did its recent change, the format seemed to have erased our address in the View My Complete Profile page. I'll try to re-add it, but until then, you can reach any of us at RobinJayEve[at-symbol]

- Jay

Laini Taylor said...

Sounds like a great Easter, Jay! I think I need some of that away from the computer time, too!

topangamaria said...

The husband and I were relaxing the other evening more than usual until the cop knocked at the door.
Our phone had been off the hook a couple hours and his very elderly mom went hysterical that we were unreachable. That couple of hours was so lovely.

Rita said...

Those egg hunt photos are hilarious.

Great to see you had a great time! And: Go, you, for the egg dyeing!!