Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The DMs in L.A. -- Robin

UPDATE: At 11:59 Tuesday night, we will stop taking entries for our ARC contest.

(Jay, Lisa Yee, Cheryl Klein, Gregory K., Robin, Eve)

Yes, we rubbed elbows with some pretty impressive people last weekend at the SCBWI Los Angeles Writer’s Day. Luckily we didn’t rub noses…cuz that would’ve been awkward.

I have to say that I was totally moved by Lisa Yee’s speech. Well, I was moved during the parts where I wasn’t actually laughing and snorting loud enough to cause Eve to elbow me in the ribs to shut me up.

What I loved most was seeing Lisa’s family there supporting her and handing out bookmarks after her speech. How cute was that!? She talked about being true to your passion and writing if that is what you’re meant to do. But more importantly, she said, if you have children, you must do your passion. Your children need to see you pursuing your dreams and doing what you love. Otherwise, what are they learning about their own futures? Oh man, my eyes got all teary at that one. Fortunately, Eve must have sensed my vulnerable moment because she finally stopped elbowing me in the ribs. (Thanks, honey.)

I learned some other things on our trip to L.A. It was a long car ride and the three of us had planned on brainstorming our writing projects together to, you know, get some work done. But instead, we ended up playing a riveting game of “If you could only smell one smell for the rest of your life, what would it be?” Yeah, we’re that dorky. I learned some interesting things about my fellow Mermaids.

If Eve could only smell one smell for the rest of her life it would be white cake (why white, I do not know). For me, it’s a newly opened can of tennis balls (please, no ball jokes…I heard enough of those from Eve and Jay). And if Jay could smell only one smell for the rest of his life it would be Jessica Alba (please, make all the jokes you want).

- Robin

P.S. While Stephen Mooser of SCBWI didn’t say much about this summer’s conference, he did tell us the theme for the after hours party: Under the August Silver Moon. And, yes, we’ve already started brainstormin’ costume ideas!


heidi r. kling said...

mteqzthe conference sounds wonderful--i love your blog! i keep checking in because, you know, the CONTEST is nearly over. maybe your next question should be favorite or worst smell. the prize could be quite fun to come up with. food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Dudes, you stole my game! Hope it was fun (like it could possibly be anything other than fun with the three Disco Mermaids in the car for three hours!). Lamy

Lisa Yee said...

It was wonderful seeing you and the other Disco Mermaids at the conference. Can't wait to see your August Moon (silver editon) costumes this year!!!

Disco Mermaids said...

I think if we went with the worst smell game, my answer would have to be skunk (even though Jay admitted that he kinda likes skunk smell sometimes).
Was that what you said, Jay? You were in the back seat and I couldn't always hear you, so I may be filling in blanks for you.

Lisa, you really were spectactular. And we'll definitely be decked in silver this year! Can't wait!


heidi said...

my worst smell is crushed walnuts based on an unfortunate experience in my childhood when i ate a whole bag and, uh, you can guess the rest. if i smell or see a walnut i run the other way. so, is the celeb PB contest over? when do we hear the results?

Disco Mermaids said...

The contest is now closed. The three of us have selected our Top Ten, so now it is off to the agents and the editor.

We'll let you know the moment we have a winner!

heidi said...

oooooh, boy...hope i made it into the top ten with one of my whoppers! if you guys are interested, we're discussing the violent creative writing/gunman issue on my blog, www.seaheidi.com. a creative writing professor friend of mine has amazing, insightful comments. thanks for the contest, made the week lots of fun!

Rita said...

It was so great to see you guys at Writer's Day on Saturday! Pictures are coming very soon!!!

:D :D

Don Tate II said...

I may have to fork up the $1,500 bucks it would cost me to attend SCBWI LA, just to see ya'll dressed up in tin foil.

Rita said...

Pictures from Writer's Day are now up!



Disco Mermaids said...

Awesome, Rita! Thank you!