Monday, September 10, 2007

It's My Party (and you know how the rest goes) -- Robin

I had a party this weekend. Not your typical chips & dip and one-too-many-Margaritas type of party. Nope, I held a good old fashioned pity party for myself.

The reason why I pitied myself for 72 hours straight was because my middle grade novel almost made it all the way. But almost didn’t land me a book contract. But there's more to tell you because there is a silver lining to this story (even though it feels more like a grey-ish lining right now).

I worked through a couple of rounds of revisions (over ten months or so) with an amazing editor and, through her guidance, I think the book was whooped up into awesome shape. Unfortunately, the publisher still didn’t feel it was a perfect match for their list.

That was as far as I could get into the email from my agent before breaking into loud, wailing tears (which I had to do in the bathroom because I didn’t want my little boy to see me like that!). But then I gathered myself together and read the rest of the email. Apparently, this amazing editor still didn’t want to give up on my book. She called another editor friend of hers at another imprint and talked about my book to her. And now it’s been passed along to her, with a glowing recommendation.

Yahoo! How astoundingly cool is that!? Never mind what I said…it’s totally a silver lining!!

Even though I’m excited about this new prospect, I did feel I needed to grieve through the loss of getting the chance to work with this editor whom I so completely respect. So I did that in the way that any truly self-respecting Southerner would do…with lots of beer and fried chicken.

So now that I’m hung-over and fat, I’m going to pick myself back up, eat a salad, go jogging, thank Jay and Eve for listening to me, and get back into my writing room and do it all over again.

Next time I have a pity party, you’re all invited. Let me know if you have any ideas for party favors!

- Robin


Lisa Yee said...

Wow, I didn't know editors did that.

Party on!

Wild About Words said...


That's just a testament to how good your writing is . . . not to mention your perseverance. When this book sells, you'll have a great story to tell when you're speaking at conferences.


Becky Levine said...

I know it doesn't feel like this today, but this is more than a silver lining--it's a gold crown. I have never heard of any editor doing this--it means she's being truly honest, Robin. It's not the right book for their imprint, but it's good, good, good! And it will get published!

Anonymous said...

Robin, I am sorry to hear you didn't have the "ending" you wanted with that particular editor. Here's knocking on wood that the next publisher jumps on your manuscript. I think the party favors (as if there will really be a need for pity party favors, but just in case) should be airline-sized bottles of liquor and travel packs of kleenex. Lamy

Disco Mermaids said...

Now that is what I call an awesome editor!

And you, Robin, wrote an awesome book...and I can't wait to watch it fly off the bookshelves in the near future.

- Jay

Kelly Fineman said...

Huzzah for editors who go above and beyond the call of duty for books they believe in. Fingers crossed for you, Robin.

Anonymous said...


Just think how sad that editor is to lose the opportunity of working with you and your project. She would probably enjoy some beer and fried chicken too!

Kimberly Lynn

tammi said...

Girl, this is just material you can put into your upcoming Inspirational Author Speech.

Don't forget to add frozen Milky Ways to those goodie bags.

Hélène B. said...

You are close.

Excruciatingly close.

Good luck!

Disco Mermaids said...

Thanks for the support you guys! And I'm definitely adding frozen Milky Ways to the pity party goodie bags!


Lisa S. said...

What an amazing editor/person to do that!!!Obviously, she loves your book, and was probably wailing in her bathroom too!

Dot said...

mmmmm, beer . . . fried chicken . . .

Huh? What?

Srsly, Robin, I'm sorry for your heartbreak. OUCH. But YAY and YES! that is a shining silver lining. You are on the verge of breaking through, I'm thinkin'. Go, Robin!

And get me a beer while you're up.

Leslie Muir said...

We Southerners do know how to self-medicate. ;)

Sounds like you're close--one way or another. And what a cool editor!

Hang tough, a trusty drumstick by your side.

Debby G said...

Oh, that does suck, kinda.

My first novel was rejected after I'd revised for an editor. It's heartbreaking! The new, improved version sold to the next editor who saw it. I hope your story will be similar.

If you want advice on pity parties, I can definitely help you out. I don't plan mine, however. They just happen-- frequently. I like to serve a large bowl of Raisinettes at my pity parties.

Disco Mermaids said...

You are the Queen of Perseverance, Robin. And, as I've said many times, the end result will be that much sweeter after all this heartbreak. It's kind of like being broken up with by a boyfriend, isn't it? Sucks! But then we trudge on until the "right" one comes along.

Love this "anonymous" editor, by the way! He/She is the bomb!

I still love you, published or not.
You complete me,

Natalie said...

Robin, I wouldn't be surprised if the editor isn't throwing her own pity party parallel to yours. Like the others said, I'm seeing another kind of party (minus the pity) in your near future!

LindaBudz said...

Sorry to hear about the "no," but I am guessing we'll be reading about a "yes" on this very blog sometime soon! Fingers crossed for you, Robin!

cynjay said...

Jello shooters. Nothing dulls the pain like a few dozen jello shooters.

Anonymous said...

it's really really cool when editors do that and means she must think your book is really something special. sometimes when they say, 'it's not right for our list,' they really mean it.

wow. can i say really one more time?

best of luck!! fingers tightly crossed for you!


Laini Taylor said...

Robin, I have my fingers crossed for you and this new editor! And it really is a silver lining to have this relationship with the other editor who obviously loves your book and probably hopes to publish you in the future -- she (did you say if she was a she?) sounds really really cool. Well, fingers crossed!