Monday, September 03, 2007


Penguin wants Jay to go into a studio to record a podcast for Thirteen Reasons Why. Next Monday, he’ll be sitting in front of a microphone talking about his book, then Penguin will make what he says available to the masses. And then, it'll be too late to take back any embarrassing admissions.

But to make the recording session itself more fun (and your listening experience more entertaining), Robin and Eve will join him in the studio to ask him some Qs…to which he’ll provide the As.

For those of you who’ve read advance copies of the book, we’d like to know what questions you want answered. Do you wanna know where certain ideas came from? Or Jay’s thoughts on some of the issues dealt with in the book? Or the writing process? Or maybe you want Eve and Robin to tell you how easy Jay was to get along with during the tight-deadlined editing process. (What, did we forget to blog about that?) In fact, even if you haven't read a copy of the book, we're sure you can come up with some interesting questions to ask.

E-mail your questions to RobinJayEve[at] by this weekend. Cuz we wanna know what you wanna know.

Thank you!

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