Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Finding Discoland #6

“Seek and ye shall find…something TOTALLY different than what you were looking for.”

Such is the case for those who typed the following words into search engines and discovered us. The Disco Mermaids!

- robin jay white -
(but eve very tan)

- dressed penguins -
(are not as annoying as chihuahuas in handbags)

- runny noses gas leak -
(we guess that's better than runny gas noses leak)

- lisa yee underpants -
(lisa, we'd really like to know why someone was searching for this)

- leprechaun yourself -
(no, you leprechaun yourself)

- is a blue jay stronger than a robin -
(no, but a happy jay is unstoppable)


Lisa Yee said...

I'D like to know who/why the Lisa Yee Underpants!

cynjay said...

And isn't it fishy that while this search is on your blog, Jay won the title contest on Lisa's blog? Hmmm.

Great entry Jay - well deserved.

Disco Mermaids said...

Good to know you're confused too, Lisa. I thought maybe there was some charity auction using author underwear...and I was sad when no one contacted me. :-(

But I'm okay now!

- Jay

Lisa Yee said...

I actually own a pair of PeeWee Herman's giant underpants. I paid $12 for it at one of his concerts. (This was before the arrest.)

Don Tate II said...

I'd hate to admit what shows up in my Sitemeter search results. Happy New Year to the Disco Mermaids! Hope I'll get to cross paths with ya'll in the near future, again.

LindaBudz said...

Even more intriguing, why do the Lisa Yee Underpants seekers end up at your site?

And, I must take exception to comment #2. Chihuahuas in handbags rule!

Sarah Darer Littman said...

OMG! Now I KNOW what a star Lisa Yee is (as if I had any doubts)...I mean seriously, how much more of a star can you be if people are searching for your underwear?