Monday, March 31, 2008

Hangin' with Mickey -- Robin

Last week, my husband and I took our son to The Happiest Place on Earth. It happened to be Spring Break week, so that meant Disneyland was also The Most Crowded Place on Earth. And by the end of the day we discovered it was also The Most Expensive Place on Earth.

Even though we brought our own bagels and nuts and juice boxes, we still managed to blow over a hundred bucks! A Diet Coke is how much!? But when we were leaving the park, my son clutched his new Buzz Lightyear toy and said, “That was the best day ever.” Aaaahhh…worth every penny.

My favorite part? It wasn’t even in the park…it was the moment when we first went through the gate and stood in that in-between part, right between Disneyland and California Adventure, and they had Raiders of the Lost Ark music piping through speakers and I suddenly felt like I could take on the world. Like the possibilities were endless. It was an amazing feeling.

Does anyone else get all tingly just before they enter Disneyland? Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I don’t get out enough.

Here we are on the ‘C’ just outside California Adventure…ready to take on the world…

We finally made it on to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and my son decided he wanted to spend the rest of his day as Captain Jack Sparrow. I thought if I heard “Aaarrggghh, matey!” one more time I was gonna scream. But he looked so cute as a pirate, all I could do was smile. (Then happily sip on my $4 Diet Coke.)

- Robin


Yee-Lum said...

That's the most adorable picture ever. Tell your son the world's favorite pirate isn't Jack Sparrow anymore.

First paragraph: Very true. Very sad. Very funny. :]

Katie said...

That is the best dang face paint I have ever seen! How fun to have an amazing photographer for a husband :-)

I swear he needs to tour galleries...

(it helps that little Jack Sparrow is a cutie all on his own)

Becky Levine said...

What a cutie!

For me, its the moment when the Peter Pan boats leaves the tunnel and lifts up and into the skies above London. Magic.

Anonymous said...

Cutest. Disneyland. Picture. Ever. That boy is so darned photogenic!

--Agent Erin

Disco Mermaids said...

Adorable son + photographer husband = thousands of baby photos!!! (That I still need to organize!)

I wish my little Captain Jack Sparrow would never grow up. But I guess I'll just have to enjoy every moment I can.

Oh, man, I'm getting all choked up now. Waaahh!

;-) Robin

Colorado Writer said...

He is so cute, Robin.

Emily Jiang said...

Your son looks so great as a pirate! What great memories you are building for him!

Rita said...

Cutest. Kid. Ever.

The thing that gets me, over and over, is the smell of popcorn pumped high into the air. It may be worth the ever-rising price of admission just to go into popcorn land.