Saturday, March 22, 2008

Life, Extra-Regular -- Robin

It was quite a week for the DMs. When one DM makes the New York Times Best Sellers list, we do what we always do (for the first time ever)...we cry, we call everyone we know, we cry some more, Eve drinks Cosmos, I drink beer, Jay drinks shots of espresso, then we cry some more.

There’s only one downer to sharing a blog with someone who announces they just made the NYTBS list…you get a voice message like this, “Hey, Robin. It’s Jay. It’s your turn to post next.”

So I get to be the one to post after Jay’s big announcement. Oh. That’s. Just. Great. How can I follow that!? Because right now, my life is a little less exciting.

It’s funny how things in your life can be super exciting (a friend’s success), or things can be going remarkably crappy (the flu)…but there is always laundry. Seriously! Doesn’t laundry know when to take a break? Listen up laundry…I’m putting you on notice!!!

Other than Jay making the NYTBS list, life was extra-regular for me this week. My evil cold morphed again into a sinus infection that now requires me to blow my nose non-stop from morning till night with the only respite being when I get to sneeze. I think our country may get out of this recession if we all invest in Kleenex.

Oh, but I did have something extra cute happen to me this week. (Thanks for asking!) My son has been begging to see pictures of me when I was a little girl. So I had my parents (who live in Georgia) go through all our old photos and pick some out to send to my son. Well, they went a step further and scanned in a bunch of pictures of me from birth through college and then mailed us a CD.

And my son’s favorite picture? The one of me when I was his age…in kindergarten.

But there were pictures of me in high school, and knowing my fellow Mermaids, they will be made public someday without my permission. Unless, of course, they’re willing to show me their high school yearbook pictures. Oh, it’s on!!!

- Robin


Anonymous said...

You were (and still are) sooooo cute! Hope the sinus infection goes away quickly, the laundry fairy appears (after s/he is done at my house), and your (and Eve's) books sell THIS WEEK! Congrats to Jay - when Eve called me (I was trying to call her when she was on the phone with you, Jay), she really was nearly speechless, which may be a first. Jay, you rock and I'm sure you'll be nearly speechless for the female DM's sooner rather than later. Bye for now, Lamy

Heather said...

Was that just taken yesterday? Because it looks very current! Such a cutie pie!

Oh, and I'm there with the nose blowing except it's allergies for me! Blech!

ChristineEldin said...

You look like that Bridge to Teribithea girl!
So cute!!
And you are brave to post after that announcement! heh heh

Debby G. said...

You were/are so cute!

I'd pay a lot of money for highlights like those. Oh, why don't we get those highlights when we're old enough to appreciate them?

Kim said...

Get well soon!

How cute! And, those eyes! I would have known that was you, even if you hadn't told us.

Disco Mermaids said...

It's funny that I now pay over a hundred bucks to get my hair looking exactly the way it did when I was five!


laurasalas said...

Aren't you the cutest kid ever!

I'm putting together a school visit and sharing my 2nd-grade picture, which looks hideous. Like it's from 70 years ago or something. And I'm not THAT old.

Colorado Writer said...

So cute. Save the hideous high school ones for when you announce some of your own good news!

Disco Mermaids said...

Seriously, Ro-Mo, that pic is JUST SO YOU!

So freaking cute. does that mean I have to post my Kindergarten pic as well? I guess I'm cool with that, but any pics after I was 5 are seriously hid-e-ous!

And where are Jay's cute kid pics? I know your parents have them, because they're all over the wall at their house...adorable, I tell you!


Susan Sandmore said...

Weren't you a sunny, sweet-looking kid? So adorable!

lkmadigan said...

Possibly the cutest kindergartner ever.

Paige Keiser said...

Cuuuuutttteee!! Awwww... :-)

Rita said...

This is the cutest photo ever. It's ridiculous. It's ridiculously cute. And you look exactly the same.

(! !)